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Are you interested in video creation? Do you want to become a video maker, but you do not have the skills? With this tool you can do it anyway! It is easy to use and accessible on a limited budget, so you can boost the content marketing strategy of your startup or business!

In this article, we will explore InVideo, one of the best video creation tools available on the market, with which you can create and share engaging, performing, and impactful videos. Keep reading and learn all about this amazing tool!

Discover InVideo website

InVideo is one of the best video creation tools currently available on the market; it is suitable for all professionals, startups and companies who want to take the content marketing strategy of their business to the next level. With this platform you will be able to create fantastic and impacting videos quickly and easily and you can always count on the support of a team of experts.

The first thing to do once you arrive on the website is to create a free account by choosing to create a new profile from scratch or log in via Google or Facebook. If you already have an account, just click on “sign up”.

Here you are on the homepage, at the top you can see the dashboard with the following sections:

  • Categories: here you can find all the categories of video creation templates, from brand promos to video presentations, product video ads and many more.
  • Content: from this section you can access the InVideo blog and the “InSide InVideo” area where you can find many useful and interesting contents.
  • Tutorials: as you can guess from the name, in this section you will find many tutorials that will help you become a true video creation expert.

At the top right, you will find all the sections dedicated to your private area, where you can view your profile, your favourite videos and templates and your projects.

Are you wondering how to create a video with this tool? Let’s find out now!

Short tutorial on this video creation tool

InVideo is a very rich video creation tool. Scrolling through the homepage, you will find many suggestions on the most used templates, on the interesting recently added videos and tutorials and you can also explore all the video templates available:

  • Slideshows
  • Business Presentations
  • Invites and Wishes
  • Offers and Discounts
  • Video Collages
  • Promo webinar
  • Quote Videos
  • Video Testimonials
  • Product Video Ads
  • Brand Essentials
  • Long Form and Bite-Size Ads
  • Branding Templates
  • Greetings
  • Listicles

To facilitate the research for the right video creation template, you can enter your keywords in the search bar and select the format your video must have by choosing among wide, square, and vertical.

Let’s see the video editor in detail below.

Video editor

Choose whether to use a pre-made template, convert text to video or use a blank canvas and let’s start the real video creation!

Once inside the video editor, you will notice in the central part the preview of a single frame and immediately below the timeline with all the frames of your video. Directly from this section, you can choose the opacity and animations of the frames, add your voice over and have a preview of the entire video by clicking on the play button.

The whole video creation process is guided by the many commands you will find on the left:

  • Templates: add new scenes by searching through the various templates available.
  • Uploads: upload your media to get a personalized and unique video.
  • Videos: select and insert videos from the library or upload your own content.
  • Image: access the image library and choose which ones to include in your video. You can also upload your own photos.
  • Music: select music from the large music library or, if you prefer, upload your own tracks.
  • Text: insert texts and customize formats and fonts.
  • Logo: personalize the video by adding your logo.
  • Colours: modify the colours of the video by choosing from the pre-made palettes or by creating your own.

But the video creation features aren’t finished yet! With the other commands, you can create folders where you can insert your favourite content and add stickers, geometric shapes, and masks to the video.

Have you completed all the video creation steps? Great! Click on “download & share” and here you are your wonderful video!

Subscription plans

InVideo offers a free version that includes more than 5000 video templates, more than 3M standard media library and automated text to speech. It also allows you to create videos of 15 minutes that can only be downloaded with the InVideo watermark.

Do you want to have access to more video creation features? Let’s see the two subscription plans.

Business plan for $30 per month or $180 per year:

  • No watermark on videos
  • Everything in free plan
  • 10 average iStock per month
  • 1M + Premium Media
  • 60 video exports per month

Unlimited plan for $60 per month or $360 per year:

  • No watermark on videos
  • Everything in free plan
  • 120 average iStock per month
  • 1M + Premium Media
  • Unlimited video exports / month

Conclusions on this video creation tool

Video creation is a fundamental aspect to boost your digital marketing strategy, for this reason finding the right video creation tool for your needs is important! 

In this article, we talked about InVideo, one of the best tools with which to create beautiful videos in a simple and convenient way! If you want to learn more, on the homepage of the website, you will find a selection of tutorials to expand your knowledge and acquire new video creation skills!

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