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Do you need a video creation tool to make videos on your own? Are you thinking to implement video marketing within your marketing strategy? Are you wondering if creating a video from scratch is a difficult, time-consuming, and expensive operation? 

No problem! There are some video creation tools available on the market that can help you even if you are not an expert in video making or if you have a limited budget! 

In this article, we talk about Lumen5, one of the best and most popular video creation tools worldwide. Keep reading if you want to learn more!

Discover Lumen5, one of the best video creation tools worldwide

Born in 2016, Lumen5 is a very efficient video creation tool for social media, it is based on artificial intelligence and offers professional solutions for any type of business that aims at increasing awareness and engagement.

The first thing to do once you arrive on the website is the log in, if you are already registered, or you can sign up for free by choosing to create a new profile or logging in with Facebook.

The first time you enter the Lumen5 homepage you will have to choose among the video creation templates available:

  • 2021 templates
  • News
  • Ads
  • How-to / tutorials
  • Listicles
  • 2020 templates
  • 2019 templates

Once you have found the right template, you can choose your video format among Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest formats, or default sizes.

If it is not the first time you log in, you will land on your personal page where you will find:

  • All videos: here you will find all the videos you have created and by clicking on the “+” button you will arrive at the choice of the template to start the video creation process.
  • Instant videos: in this section you will find smart videos created on the base of your blog posts.
  • Brand kits: here you can create and save customized brand kits by uploading fonts, colours, and a logo.
  • Saved templates: in this section you can create, save, and customize your templates.
  • Analytics: here you will find an analytics overview of the last 30 days of your videos and time spent in video creation.

Video editor

To start the actual video creation, just choose the template and format of your video to land in the video editor.

In the central part of the video editor, you will find all the scenes of your video; they can be duplicated or deleted and for each of them you can change the text, colours, design, time, and background simply by clicking on the scene itself and following the commands that appear. By clicking the green “+” button you can insert new scenes and by clicking on “show outro” you can create a frame with text and logo to give an ending to your video.

On the left, you will find five commands that will guide you through the entire video creation process:

  • Story: in this section you can paste the URL of your blog or article and the script of your video will be generated automatically.
  • Media: here you will find thousands of media including images, videos, and GIFs to choose from to populate your video. You will also be able to upload your own content and save your favourites.
  • Music: you will have access to a large library of free tracks, or you can directly upload your music.
  • Style: in this section you can insert your brand kit and watermark and change the fonts and colours of your video.
  • Format: with this last command you will have the possibility to change the format of your video and choose its quality.

A very interesting function is “add your own voiceover”, with which you can record your voice to give an even more personal aspect to your video.

We are at the end of the video creation process; you just need download your video by clicking on the “publish” button.

Subscription plan

Lumen5 has a free version and five paid plans to choose from based on the type of video creation experience you want. Let’s see the differences:

  • Free: free forever, unlimited videos, Lumen5 watermark, 720p video resolution.
  • Creator: $15 per month or $132 per year, unlimited videos, no Lumen5 branding.
  • Premium: $79 per month or $708 per year, unlimited videos, 15M stock photos & videos, custom colours & styles, 1080p video resolution, brand kits.
  • Business: $199 per month or $1.788 per year, unlimited videos, Shutterstock libraries, upload watermarks & font, multiple saved templates, ability to add more users.
  • Enterprise: this plan is dedicated to large-scale video teams and the price must be requested.

Conclusions on video creation tools

In this article we wanted to show you how you can create engaging videos without the help of a professional, with a small budget and in a simple and intuitive way with Lumen5, one of the most popular video creation tools on the market.

Would you like to know more? By clicking on this link, you will enter the Learn page of Lumen5, where you can find many useful video creation tips and much more!

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