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Do you want to improve your video creation skills and surprise your audience with beautiful and professional videos? You are in the right place! You need a video creation tool suitable even for beginners, simple to use, convenient and professional. 

In this article we talk about Boosted, one of the best video creation tools with which you can create awesome videos by yourself, without the help of a professional. Keep reading this article to find out how!

Discover Boosted website

Born in 2013, Boosted is an award-winning video creation tool. It helps professionals and businesses to accelerate social media marketing and build a strong online presence by creating quality videos and visual content that highlights your brand and products.

To start creating your videos, the first thing you need to do is enter the website and create a new free account via Google, Facebook, Apple or log in if you already have an account. 

After these steps, you will arrive on the homepage where you will find the dashboard with the following main sections:

  • Discovery: in this area you will find a large library of video creation templates to choose from, which can be searched based on the sector of your business or by entering your keywords in the search bar.
  • My projects: all your videos will be collected in this section, and from here you can view, edit, and share them.
  • My brand: here you can insert your logo, create custom colour palettes, and upload your fonts.
  • Blog: within the blog you will find many videos creation tips. Not only that, but you will also find many content ideas and advice on how to avoid the most common mistakes.

Finally, from the homepage you can access and manage your reserved area and receive support from the team in case you need it.

But now let’s move on to video creation! How do you get started? How do you get to the video editor and how does it work? The answers to these questions are right below.

Video creation process

Boosted promotes two ways of doing video creation; the first is very simple and fast: in the “Discovery” section you will find a “Create a video” area with five buttons to choose from:

  • Start on scratch
  • Advertise and sale
  • Promote my brand
  • Create a poll
  • Post a question

Once you have chosen the cut you want to give to your video, you will arrive at a mini video editor where you will have to upload some images or choose them from the library, then just choose the style you want, adjust the colours and fonts, add the text and voila, yours video is ready.

The second method of video creation consists of several phases that you can manage thanks to a complete and structured video editor. How can you access it? Just choose a template. Let’s see how it works!

Video editor

Once you have chosen the template you will go directly to the video editor where you can start the video creation!

As you can see, despite being completer and more structured, this video editor is also very simple, fast, and intuitive. In the central part you will find the preview of a single frame, by clicking on it three commands will appear with which you can replace the media, cut the frame, and add filters. By clicking on the texts, you can modify them, choose the fonts, sizes, and colours. To change the frame, simply select the next one in the timeline that you find in the lower part of the video editor.

To manage and customize the steps of the video creation process, you just have to follow the four commands that you will find on the left:

  • Media: add photos and videos to your frames, you can choose them from the library or upload your own content.
  • Music: add the music of your video by choosing the music library or by loading your tracks.
  • Palette: change the colours of your video, choosing premade palettes or setting your own custom ones.
  • Fonts: choose the text fonts from the library offered by Boosted.

With the three buttons you will find at the top you can choose the format of your video. And now? Press “Export” and see the result of your video creation process!

Subscription plans

Boosted can be used for free, but to access all the video creation features, you can upgrade by subscribing to the monthly plan for € 15 per month. It includes:

  • Unlimited access to all templates
  • Commercial license
  • Professional quality templates
  • Free videos and audio stock libraries
  • Fully customization for your brand

Conclusions on this video creation tool

Why did we talk about Boosted? Because it is a video creation tool that is accessible to everyone, convenient, easy to use but at the same time professional and quality. So, you just must try it!

If you want to deepen the topic, at this link you will find the Boosted blog, where you can read many articles with very useful and constructive video creation tips and tutorials.

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