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If I told you that video creation can become accessible to everyone and affordable, would you believe it? You should! In fact, there are many tools with which you can create fantastic videos in a simple, convenient way and sometimes even for free. Keep reading this article to discover all about Adobe Spark, one of the best video creation tools with which to impress your audience by creating engaging videos by yourself!

Discover Adobe Spark website

Software from the historical Adobe founded in 1967, Adobe Spark, in addition to being an excellent video creation tool, is also a complete application for multimedia content of all kinds. It helps professionals and businesses in all sectors to easily create captivating videos and graphics, perfect for both the web and social networks.

Let’s start! Enter the website and click on “start for free” to create a new account via Google, Facebook, Apple, Adobe account or by entering your email. If you already have an account, just click on “Sign in”.

Once logged in you will be asked: “What brings you to Spark?”. You will have to choose up to three reasons from:

  • My second job
  • My clients
  • Business
  • Friends and family
  • Homework class
  • My students

This action can be very useful for video creation, in fact based on your choices you will be provided with content suggestions to achieve your goals.

Have you completed your choice? Then welcome to the Adobe Spark homepage! Let’s see what this video creation tool has to offer us.

Short tutorial on this video creation tool

As soon as you enter the homepage you will notice four commands on the right which correspond to the main sections:

  • Home: in this section you can start creating by choosing the ratio and destination of your content, choose from the templates and view your projects.
  • Projects: all your creations and shared projects will be collected here.
  • Brands: Do you want to make your videos unique? Then upload your logo, your fonts and set your colours in this section to get a real branding kit.
  • Libraries: here you can create your personal libraries and access public and shared ones.

But we are here to talk about video creation, right? Then press the “+” button at the top left, select “video”, give your project a title and choose a video creation template category from:

  • Promote an idea
  • Tell what happened
  • The Hero’s Journey
  • Show and tell
  • Personal growth
  • Teach a lesson
  • An invitation
  • Create mine (start from scratch)

Have you made your choice? Then let the video creation begin!

Video editor

Once you have chosen the template you will arrive directly to the Adobe Spark video editor which stands out from the other video creation tools for the interactive frame timeline. In fact, it not only holds the chronological order of the frames, but also gives useful suggestions on what to insert in each one based on the template chosen, simplifying the video creation process.

In the central part you will notice the preview of a single frame: click on the “+” button to add photos, videos, texts and icons and the microphone-shaped button to add your personal voiceover. Do you want to edit the next frame? Select it from the timeline. Do you want to add a new one? Click the “+” button on the timeline.

The aesthetics of the video creation process is managed thanks to the four commands at the top right:

  • Layout: select your layout from four different models.
  • Theme: choose the theme to outline the colours and fonts of your video.
  • Resize: choose what format to give to your video.
  • Music: add some music! Choose from the music library or upload your own tracks.

Do you want to see the result of your video creation process? Click on “preview” and if you think you are satisfied then download and share your video!

Subscription plans

Adobe spark offers a free version and a free 14-day trial that allows you to access all the video creation features and more. After 14 days you can upgrade by choosing between the two subscription plans. Let’s see them in detail.

Single user plan at € 12.19 per month or € 121.99 per year:

  • Choose thousands of free icons, images and multimedia content
  • Invite others to work on branded projects
  • Access premium templates, fonts and design resources
  • Create branded templates and themes
  • Customize each project with the branded kit
  • Create, manage and share your projects with libraries
  • No Adobe Spark watermark

Team plan at € 24.39 per month or € 292.65 per year. It can be used by multiple users and includes everything you find in the Single User Plan.

Conclusions on this video creation tool

With this article we wanted to show you that video creation can become simple and convenient with the right tool! But if you want to learn more, you can access the Adobe Spark blog at this link, where you will find many articles, tips and tutorials on video creation and more. Good luck!

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