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Video creation is a topic that deserves attention in your digital marketing strategy. Its implementation may seem difficult and expensive, but thanks to some of the video creation tools available on the market, it is easy to create a video without the help of a professional, even if you are a beginner and have a small budget!

In this article we talk about Biteable, the video creation tool suitable for everyone. Keep reading and find out more about this tool!

Discover Biteable website

Biteable, founded in 2014, is one of the best known and most appreciated video creation tools on the market. It allows you to create all kinds of professional videos in a simple, fast, and convenient way.

The first thing to do once you enter the website is to login or sign up for free, you can choose to create a new account or login with Google or Facebook.

Once you are in, you will land on the homepage where you will find the following sections:

  • Templates: you can choose from hundreds of templates adaptable to any kind of video.
  • My videos: in this section you will find all the videos you have created.
  • New video: by clicking here you can immediately start the actual video creation. In the window that appears you can set the name and aspect ratio of the video and decide whether to insert a custom watermark or not.

Let’s discover now all the secrets of Biteable video creation!

Short tutorial on this video creation tool

By clicking on “Templates” you will find all the video creation categories. For each of them, you can choose wide, story, square or mobile formats and explore all the available models. But if you are not looking for a template, by clicking on “Footage” you will be able to create your video by choosing from over 800,000 professional ready-made clips in the library.

Biteable offers a huge variety of templates: from animations to corporate videos, video ads, explainer videos, promotions, presentations, educational videos, presentations and many more. You will also find a selection of the “most popular” and “getting started” videos. 

If you already have in mind what kind of video you want to create, enter your keywords in the search bar and go straight to the templates that meet your needs!

Video editor

Once you have found the right template or footage, just click on “Edit Video” to go directly to the video editor. Now the video creation begins!

On your left, you will find four commands that will guide you in the entire video creation process:

  • Add: here you will find all the scenes that you can add to your video. You can choose from Animations, Videos & Images, Favourites, or you can directly upload your own content.
  • Style: in this section you can change the fonts and customize the colours of text, ribbon, background, and animations by setting your palettes.
  • Edit: this is the most important video creation phase. In the lower part of the screen, there are all the frames of your video aligned in sequence. For each of them, with the controls on the right you can change the text and transitions and, by clicking on the “+” button, you can add new scenes. Don’t forget the music! Press on the musical note on the lower left and choose from the music library or upload your own track.
  • Export: in this section you can download your video, choose the quality, and decide whether to remove the Biteable watermark or not. 

Congratulations, you are now a video maker!

Subscription plans

Biteable can be used for free, but if you want to access all the video creation features, you can choose between two subscription plans.

Let’s see the differences between the various plans:

  • Free: free forever, unlimited exports, Biteable watermark, 4 million pics, clips, and animations.
  • Plus: $29 per month or $228 per year, custom watermark and branding, HD 1080p resolution, commercial usage rights, unlimited exports, 4 million pics, clips, and animations.
  • Ultimate: $99 per month or $588 per year,17.7M Shutterstock premium clips, 10 team members, shared editing and projects, full audio on video uploads, video analytics and call-to-action buttons, custom watermark and branding, HD 1080p resolution, commercial usage rights, unlimited exports, 4 million pics, clips, and animations.

Biteable, one of the best video creation tools: conclusions

If you are a startup founder with a limited budget and you are beginner in video creation, Biteable is the right tool for you! 

With this article we hope to have provided you with all the good reasons to start using it, but if you want to deepen the topic you can click on this link.

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