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Video creation tools: introduction

Video creation and video making are essential to enhance brand awareness for businesses and startup. Thanks to videos, in fact, you can address your message to your target audience and express all your creativity to bring out your curated, effective, and up-to-date brand.

Associated to video making, there is always the idea of ​​having to spend a lot of money or hire expensive video makers to be able to create something unique. Wrong! With a small budget and sometimes even for free, you can obtain something truly effective.

Choosing the right tool, however, is not easy because all needs are different and, by now, there are so many on the web.

We recommend the top 10 video creation tools for startup, currently on the market. Please find below the full list of about 40 tools, including advantages and payment plan for each one.

What are Video Creation Tools, which are the advantages and the typical functionalities?

Video creation tools enable startups and small businesses to create, edit, and publish video content. As video creation is a time-consuming process, and more it is expensive when it is outsourced, this software provides pre-made templates, graphics, animation, and editing features to create professional-looking videos and with it you can create explainer videos, YouTube videos, training and education material, promotional videos, and much more.

There are many benefits using video creation tools, and we want to point your attention on the two below:

  • Increased cost-efficiency and productivity
  • Improves standardization

Here are some of the most common features of video creation tools:

  • Video creation and editing
  • Video capture
  • Templates
  • Social sharing
  • Text overlay
  • Media library
  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Customizable branding
  • Collaboration tools
  • Animation

Most products in the market are priced on a per user, per month basis and have a starting price range of $0 – $26+.

There are some considerations that you must do before purchase a video creation tool:

  • Pricing
  • Ease of use
  • Video formatting support

A short list of the 10 best Video Creation Tools in our opinion

We have selected for you the best tools on the market, have a look here below!

Adobe Spark

video creation

Adobe Spark is a video creation tool that, in a few simple steps, let you produce impactful graphics and short videos for social media and web pages.

The advantages of Adobe Spark

  • You can build video clips for social media or for the web, which you can personalize with your voice, with quality soundtracks, elements, and animations.
  • In addition, Adobe Spark is also particularly useful for creating graphics and web pages. You can select a photo and edit with text, filters, and animations.
  • It is not necessary to have any design experience to create effective content, you can share where you prefer your works and, Adobe Spark, offers you many ideas from which to take inspiration through the blog and a gallery that you can access to.

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video creation

Biteable is an excellent video creation solution, which provides all the tools you need to make impactful videos in a simple way.

The advantages of Biteable

  • You can make professional videos, presentations and social media videos.
  • It does not require special experience and not even a large budget.
  • It gives access to a large multimedia library with animations for every style.

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video creation

Boosted is a video creation tool suitable for small businesses in any sector. It allows you to create professional videos to highlight your brand.

The advantages of boosted

  • It is suitable for both companies and individuals with all levels of experience and is accessible even on a limited budget.
  • It is designed to achieve optimal results even on social networks.
  • It allows you to easily manage, customize and share all content.

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presentation software stock images databases video creation

Canva is among the most popular graphic design tools on the market. It offers many editing tools, including the video editor with which you can quickly and easily create engaging videos.

The advantages of Canva

  • It is a complete platform, full of tools suitable for every type of business needs.
  • It is suitable for all experience levels and has a limited price.
  • It offers a wide selection of templates and allows you to access a content library with thousands of images, videos and graphics.

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video creation

InVideo is a video creation tool that, through the creation of videos, allows you to increase audience engagement.

The advantages of InVideo

  • It is simple to use and it is suitable for those who want to take their content to the next level.
  • It allows you to create, customize and distribute professional and impactful videos.
  • It allows you to access a large multimedia library.

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video creation

Lumen5, recognized primarily as a social video creation tool, is easy to use to develop impactful ones to integrate into your marketing strategy.

The advantages of Lumen5

  • You can easily transform content into video using Al-powered technology to design a storyboard of your ideas, adapt your content to a layout and to find music and images that improve and make your message more direct and effective.
  • Lumen 5 gives you access to a library with millions of photos, videos, and audio files which, when integrated, guarantee you to produce excellent ones.
  • You can customize them with voiceover and branding work choosing from thousands of themes, colours, fonts, etc.

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Magisto is one of the most successful video creation tools. You can upload your videos and images and then edit them, integrating them to obtain an effective result.

The advantages of Magisto

  • Emotion Sense Technology: is a technology that lets users to interact with artificial intelligence that will make sure that videos elicit the right emotional response. The emotional direction is outlined by you through the selection of music, images, and style decided.
  • Video analysis: Magisto’s artificial intelligence and algorithms work in unison to carefully analyse the videos and images you upload. Your uploads are subjected to visual, audio and storytelling analysis.
  • Editor: you start by deciding the editing style, once made, you can then access to a multiplicity of effects. The style you want also serves as a “roadmap” for the algorithm that will derive the mood and general appearance accordingly.
  • Music: you can load one of your songs or pick from the library made available by Magisto. Once the music is chosen, the video will be perfectly synchronized to it in terms of distortion effects, cuts, speed and editing style.
  • Postproduction: Once Magisto understands what the most engaging sections of the movie are, it incorporates professional effects and transitions and colour correction. The results are never random; all editing decisions are based on the information gathered from the cooperation between algorithm and artificial intelligence.

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Offeo is a tool for video creation amazingly easy.

To date, Offeo has been chosen by over 300,000 businesses and is mainly identified as a social video tool. it is particularly useful for social content, logo animation and video production. For a startup it can be extremely useful to develop an effective brand design.

The advantages of Offeo

  • Lots of templates to get an infinity of contents.
  • Professional and flawless designs that stand out and attract attention.
  • Zero problem solution that lets you to upload images or videos and edit them easily with a variety of effects and functions.
  • Because of a particular Offeo function, you can type your brand URL and the platform will generate a line of content for you.

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promo is an excellent video creation tool especially suited for promotional videos, which can give great results on desktop, mobile and social media.

The advantages of

  • offers over 12 million video clips and thousands of audio files.
  • You can edit your videos simply by uploading them to the platform.
  • It is simple to use and has a limited price.

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Renderforest is among the best video creation tools on the market. It allows you to create videos suitable for every need in a few, simple and quick steps.

The advantages of Renderforest

  • Offers a wide choice of video and graphic templates, quality audio and animations. 
  • We can customize our videos by choosing colors, text and uploading our contents.
  • It is easy to use, it does not require a large budget and in addition to videos of all kinds, it allows you to create beautiful graphics.

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Video Creation: about 40 tools

Looking for an alternative? Explore the following tools to discover the best option for your business. 



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Hippo Video












Movavi Video Editor Plus


























Video Creation: conclusions

If your goal is to enhance the brand awareness of your company or startup, then what you need is a video creation tool! With this article we hope we have provided you with all the information you need to make the right choice!

Be curious! Do not limit yourself and do not stop at our proposal of tools! Check out our article Software Discovery platforms: the top 9 for us to find the one that best suits your needs.

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