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Validate your startup idea: find out our resources

  • The 3 fit
  • Overview on startup validation
  • Business Model
  • Customer interviews

Validate your startup idea: the 3 fit

Do you know that there are 3 fit to reach to go from an idea to a startup? If you want to know more, keep reading!

The 3 fit to launch your startup

Do you want to turn your idea into a startup? Great! Here there are the 3 fit to achieve to validate your startup idea: 1) the problem – solution fit, 2) the product – user fit, 3) the product – market fit.

Watch the video to learn more!

Overview on how to validate your startup idea

Are you a startup founder? Do you know how to validate your business idea? We talk about the guidelines to follow to build an effective validation process for a business idea and build a successful startup.

If you want to know more, read the articles Validation: a key process to move from an idea to a startupMarket and competitors’ analysis for market validationValidation of the problem: the client-problem couple and Validation of the solution and construction of the MVP

Validate your startup idea: find out your Business Model

Are you a startup founder? Do you know how to validate your business idea? Let’s start by finding the right profitable and scalable business model for your startup. 

You can choose to use the Business Model Canvas as a framework to work and find the best solution for your startup. Let’s see it below.

Another useful tool to consider to deepen the creation of value for the customer, within the construction of the Business Model Canvas, is the Value Proposition Canvas. Let’s see it below.

Discover also the reasons why the Business Models can fail and deepen the two phases of explore and exploit to optimize the existing businesses and new opportunities Portfolio.

Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas was conceived by Alexander Osterwalder and is now recognized as an international standard of Business Design.

Watch the 6 videos below, which were made by Alexander Osterwalder’s Strategyzer company, to better understand the Business Model Canvas tool.

Value Proposition Canvas

How to create value for customers? Use this tool and find out more in this video!

Why Business Models Fail

Business models can fail for many reasons, but there are four big ones to avoid. Find out more in this video!

The Business Portfolio Map

Find out more about the explore phase and the exploit phase to rationalize the portfolio of existing businesses and new opportunities.

Validate your startup idea: conduct customer interviews

In the validation phase, it is necessary to get to know potential customers up to defining a real identity of the buyer person, to understand if your product / service really satisfies a need and to find the best solution. Hence, a key activity is to conduct interviews with your target audience. Find out below some tips to do this activity in the best way.

Customer Interviews

The Mom Test is a book written by Rob Fitzpatrick, to guide startup founders, during customer interviews, to better communicate and validate the startup idea. You will gain valuable information and feedbacks that will help you during this critical phase in reducing startup risks.

To learn more, read the following articles The Mom Test book: how to interview your target and Interviews with customers: tips to validate your startup idea and watch the 6 videos below.