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Overview of the best translation tools

Translation tools are particularly useful and are often only known by professional translators, although they can be used by anyone. In fact, even startups may need these tools if they want to create a multilingual website or create contents in multiple languages.

Throughout this article, we recommend several translation tools that can help you and that we have divided into different sections depending on the type of tool and the function they perform. The sections that you will find are:

  • Computer Assisted Translation Tools
  • Machine Translation Tools
  • Tools to research freelance translators

In each section, we will give you a definition of the category and a list of the best translation tools related to that section.

Computer Assisted Translation Tools

Computer Assisted Translation Tools, also called CAT Tools, are software that assist the translator in the process. Usually, these tools make use of translation memories, i.e., databases used to detect sentences or words that have already been translated before.

These translation tools are particularly advantageous because they:

  • Minimize the risk of leaving parts untranslated
  • Improve terminological consistency within the text
  • Improve productivity

Below, you will find a list of the best CAT Tools.


Across is a CAT Tool that offers different language combinations and works with different file formats. Among the functions within it, you can find quality assurance, translation memories, terminology management and much more.


The Basic version is free, while the Premium version costs 19.50€ per month.

CafeTran Espresso

With a fully customizable interface, CafeTran Espresso is a translation tool that allows high productivity thanks to the integration of Machine Translation to speed up times in the case of previously translated segments.


The download is free, but once the translation memory and the glossary are full you will need to purchase an annual license for 80€ or a permanent license for 200€.

Déjà Vu

The most recent version of this translation tool has integrated a more intuitive interface and two new functions:

  • DeepMiner: allows you to have an automatic translation of a fuzzy match segment, which is a segment that does not correspond 100% with what is already present in the translation memory, drawing on the term base (a custom dictionary) and Machine Translation.
  • AutoWrite: is a predictive typing function that always makes use of translation memory, term base and Machine Translation.


It varies according to the version you want to download:

  • Déjà Vu X3 Free: is the free version and lasts 30 days.
  • Déjà Vu X3 Professional: 420 € per license.
  • Déjà Vu X3 Workgroup: 1.490€ per license.

Fluency Now

Fluency Now is a translation tool suitable for both freelancers and companies, thanks to its competitive price and the ability to add other users to collaborate on the same project together. Furthermore, it is totally customizable and easy to use.


15$ per month.


It is a CAT Tool designed for both freelance translators and companies and its ease of use also makes the translation process faster. In addition, you can collaborate as a team by sharing translation memories and glossaries.




The peculiarity of MemoQ, compared to other translation tools, is that it was designed by translators and supports more than 100 languages. It allows you to use old translations, create glossaries, add reference materials, use predictive typing, and get suggestions from other resources.


620€ per license with a 30-day trial period.


Memsource is a CAT Tool that supports more than 500 languages, allowing you to make any possible language combination. In addition, this translation tool can be used on different devices and combines classic functions with Artificial Intelligence, which allows you to reduce translation costs.


20€ per month.


It is an open-source translation tool, which means that it was developed by a team of volunteers and any user can modify and redistribute it while respecting the user’s license. Moreover, it is one of the most used CAT Tools both by professional translators and by those who are beginners or use these tools sporadically, thanks to its ease of use.



SDL Trados

It was one of the first CAT Tools to be developed, in fact the first version of this translation tool dates back to about 30 years ago and during all these years it has continued to evolve. The latest version, which was released in 2021, introduces a cloud-based system, Trados Live, which allows you to work from anywhere, at any time and from any device.


485€ per license.


Wordfast is a translation tool that has 3 different versions to meet the needs of everyone, professionals, and non-professionals:

  • Wordfast Classic: it is an integration of Microsoft Word, therefore suitable for those who use this writing tool and quite simple to download and use.
  • Wordfast Pro: it is more like a classic CAT Tool and contains useful functions for the pre and post translation phases.
  • Wordfast Anywhere: it is an online tool, easy to use and more suitable for those who translate sporadically.


Classic and Pro versions cost 460$ each per license, while the Anywhere version is free.

Machine Translation Tools

Machine Translation is an area of computational linguistics that allows translation from a source language to a target language through artificial intelligence. It is not a simple process because every language has thousands of shades and it is not easy to teach these shades to an artificial intelligence. However, in recent years enormous progress has been made, especially for the most used language combinations.

The advantages of these translation tools are:

  • Translation speed
  • Terminological consistency
  • Lower translation costs

Below, there is a list of the best Machine Translation tools.

Bing Translator

Bing Translator is part of the Microsoft family and allows automatic translation with different language combinations. However, its peculiarity is that it can suggest the most used sentences in a certain language and by going to the “Conversation” section, it is possible to create rooms with people who speak a language other than their own and converse freely because everything is translated automatically. This tool also exists in a mobile app version.



DeepL Traduttore

It is a translation tool that allows you to directly upload .docx or .pptx documents and offers the possibility to customize the glossary. In addition, there is the Pro version with which you can obtain translations without character limits.


The basic version is free, while the Pro version contains several plans:

  • Starter: 5.99 € per month (free for 30 days).
  • Advanced: 19.99 € per month (free for 30 days).
  • Ultimate: 39.99 € per month.

Google Translate

It is the best known and used machine translation tool, being part of the Google family. It supports more than 100 languages and allows you to consult the history, save translations and contribute to the improvement of the tool. In addition, it also allows you to translate handwritten texts and images.




iTranslate is among the most complete translation tools, not only because it supports more than 100 languages, but also because it is able to perform voice translations, image translations and offline translations. Furthermore, you can integrate it with your mobile phone keyboard to use it with messaging apps.


After a 7-day free trial, the cost varies depending on the usage period you select:

  • One month: 4.99 €.
  • Two months: 9.99 €.
  • One year: 59.99 €.

Reverso Translation

Reverso is a particularly well-known translation tool, especially in the Reverso Context version, which acts as a dictionary also offering several examples to contextualize the terms. Instead, Reverso Translation allows you to translate entire texts, performs a spelling check and has a verb conjugation function, in order to obtain a high-quality translation.



Systran Translate

This translation tool allows you to translate texts, documents and websites and has a function that can automatically detect the source language. In addition, the Pro version allows you to customize the translation by importing your own glossaries and translation memories and to choose the sector of interest to have a more precise jargon.


The basic version is free, while the Pro version contains several plans:

  • Starter: 14.99 € per month.
  • Standard: 29.99 € per month.
  • Advanced: 59.99 € per month.


WPML is a WordPress plugin, so it does not really belong to the machine translation tools but uses this technology within it. In fact, it is particularly useful because it allows you to translate your website into any other language with just a few clicks and you can choose to translate it yourself or using an automatic translation.


The cost to create a multilingual blog is 29$ the first time and then 21$ every year, while for a multilingual CMS is 79$ the first time and then 59$ every year.

Yandex Translate

Yandex Translate, like other machine translation tools, allows you to translate texts, websites, documents, and images. However, what distinguishes it is the “For Business” version that offers various solutions, including one designed for e-commerce.


Yandex Translate is free, while for the “For Business” version you can take advantage of a trial period and request a quote.

Platforms to research freelance translators

If you prefer to rely on a professional for the translation of your content, there are several platforms that are right for you and that will allow you to also get high quality translations at affordable prices. They act as intermediaries between freelance translators and clients, ensuring that both get the most out of the experience.

The advantages of these translation platforms are:

  • Possibility to receive quality translations at low prices
  • Possibility to choose the translator based on his/her skills
  • Possibility to find translators with infrequent language combinations


Fiverr is a platform where you can find any type of freelancer, but among the services offered, translation services are the most popular. In fact, there are about 17.000 translators on the platform with the most varied language combinations. However, the website makes it quite easy to choose the translator through a series of filters concerning the language combination, the type of document to be translated, the specific sector of the translation, etc.


It is determined by the translator according to the difficulty and the number of words, but it starts from a minimum of 5€ for the simpler ones., similarly to Fiverr, also covers more sectors besides the specific field of translation tools. However, it has a quite simple interface and finding translators is easier than ever thanks to the filters that can be set, which also include localization and specific skills. In addition, you can consult their past translations.


It is determined by the translator depending on various factors, including the time it takes to complete the translation. However, some offer more than reasonable prices, such as 2$ per hour.


ProZ is one of the best-known translation platforms worldwide and is a bit like the “home” of all translators, so you certainly will not struggle to find one that meets your needs. In addition, ProZ also provides a forum and contests to allow translators to be known and customers to choose more wisely who they rely on.


It is determined by the translator.


Smartcat is a platform that offers a variety of linguistic services and boasts more than 350.000 registered translators. In the marketplace section, you can search for a translator by entering the source and target languages of your interest. Alternatively, you can post a job offer providing information on the project. Furthermore, through the CAT Tool inside Smartcat, you can have total control over the quality of the translator’s work and manage deadlines.


It is calculated automatically when the translator delivers the work.


Translatorsbase stands out from other translation platforms of this kind because it allows both to choose the translator from hundreds of possibilities, and to post the project for free and receive quotes directly from the translators, among which you can choose who best meets your requests and your budget.


It is determined by the translator.


As can be seen from its vintage interface, TranslatorsCafé was one of the first platforms to perform as a translation tool, i.e., able to connect translators and customers. Despite its retro look, it is still widely used around the world and its operation is like that of ProZ and, in addition, a part of the website is dedicated to the community.


It is determined by the translator.


Even UpWork, like Fiverr and, does not only cover the role of translation tool because it is open to any type of freelancer. Its peculiarity in the field of translation is that it has an excellent review system that allows clients to immediately identify the best translators among more than 25.000. In addition, there is also the possibility to upload your own project and be contacted directly by the translators concerned.


It is determined by the translator.


In this article on translation tools, we have given you some ideas for getting great translations depending on your level of expertise in this area. So, starting with those who have more linguistic knowledge we have recommended the best Computer Assisted Translation Tools, for those with an average knowledge of languages we have recommended Machine Translation Tools and, finally, for those who have no knowledge and expertise in this field we have recommended tools to find freelance translators. In addition, for each category, we have provided you with solutions that could suit different types of budgets.

Be curious! Do not limit yourself and do not stop at our proposal of tools! Check out our article Software Discovery platforms: the top 9 for us to find the one that best suits your needs.