Tools for startup: what you will find

Tools are very useful for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the entire company. However, not all tools on the market are equally suitable for a startup. Discover the best tools for startup to grow your business!
Here is a selection of the best ones! We have listed over 600 tools so far. Stay tuned and don’t miss the next selections!

Discover many useful tools to manage digital marketing in your startup!

Here you are a detailed list of the best digital marketing tools we recommend helping you reach, act, engage and convert your target customers.

Having the right set of tools to manage data insights, content and digital marketing is essential! Without the right ones, you won’t be able to create a strategy which reaches target customers and follower them through the customer journey, giving you insights, to optimize conversion rate and many more digital metrics essential to staying ahead of competitors.

The aim is to provide you with all essential digital marketing tools available on the market. If used correctly, they can help streamline your digital marketing effectiveness.

Key resources:

  • Affiliate and Referral (video)
  • Content Marketing (video)
  • Copywriting (video)
  • Email Marketing (video)
  • Influencer Marketing (video)
  • Logo, Design & Brand Identity (video)
  • Mockup and MVP (video)
  • Presentations (video)
  • Podcast (video)
  • SEO (video)
  • Social Listening (video)
  • Video Creation (video)
  • Web & Social Media Analytics 
  • Website Creation (video)

Discover many useful management & productivity tools for your startup!

Business management & productivity tools are all the systems used by companies to be able to cope with changing markets, ensure a competitive position and improve business performance. There are tools used for controlling and improving business processes and others used for data consolidation and decision making.

You should take a strategic attitude to business management & productivity tools instead of going for the latest tool. Management & productivity tools should be selected carefully, and then adapted to the organization needs.

Key resources:

  • Business communication, Community and Team collaboration (video)
  • Business Intelligence (video)
  • Business Process Management (video)
  • Membership Management (video)
  • Online Calendars, Webinars & Events (video)
  • Project Management (video)

Discover our best selection of useful tools for your startup!

Key resources:

  • Image & File Compressor (video)
  • Privacy and Cookies Policy & Terms and Conditions (video)
  • Resume builder & optimization (video)
  • Software Discovery (video)
  • Translation (video)