startup failure

Startup failure: main reasons and how to avoid it

Table of Contents Startup failure: overview In this article we analyse Startup failure to understand the most common reasons and to suggest how to avoid

corporate branding

Corporate Branding and Brand Awareness for startups

Table of Contents Corporate branding: what is it and why is it important for startups? How can you implement it and create effective corporate branding

personal branding

Personal Branding for startup founders

Table of Contents Nowadays, it is no longer the brand that communicates, but it is the entrepreneurs who play the role of testimonial of their


Validation of the problem: the client-problem pair

Table of Contents The validation of the problem is a fundamental phase of the process that the aspiring startup founder carries out starting from an

the mom test

The Mom Test book: how to interview your target

Table of Contents The Mom Test is a book written by Rob Fitzpatrick – an entrepreneur for over 10 years – whose purpose is to communicate

team and startup

Team and startup success: how to build it

Table of Contents Team and startup success are intrinsically linked; indeed, the team represents one of the most critical elements for the startup success. According to