Startup Events: “The Startup Academy” cannot be missed!

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A focus on one of the best live and online startup events to attend!

The Startup Accademy” by Grownnectia is today one of the best training and comparison startup events in the Italian panorama!

Let’s meet Massimo Ciaglia of Grownnectia to find out more about the Startup event of “The Startup Academy“.

Massimo Ciaglia, serial founder of Startup, author of the best seller “The Startup Canvas”, founder of Grownnectia, never stops! In the field of dissemination and training in the world of startups, today he is relaunching the live event, which recently only kept the online format. Today we talk about the editions of the face-to-face event that united startup founders and aspiring such in the past years!

First of all, welcome Massimo! We all look forward to the resumption of events in presence, in addition to those online, and now “The Startup Academy” finally has the dates also in presence in a special edition with “Startup Tour”! Can you tell us how this special edition was born?

Mario Moroni, host, and digital entrepreneur, and I have thought of a day of INTENSIVE ACADEMY to help all those startups that want to structure and grow independently and have that awareness and mindset that is often lacking in those who want to develop a business idea.

So why should they participate in this special edition?

For us, the event is suitable for startup founders or for those who want to develop an idea and turn it into a startup.

It is essential for those who want to structure a successful project, become independent and proceed freely without asking for external support to transform an idea into a startup, saving time and money!

The event was in fact designed for those who want to acquire the basics, the information and have a mindset capable of mastering the various issues that are important for the development and growth of their business project.

We are very curious to discover the program of the event and the unmissable contents! What can you anticipate?

The event is divided into 11 modules:

  • The boot canvas
  • Branding for your startup
  • Personal branding of the startup founder
  • Launch
  • Community, public and live
  • Content Marketing
  • Marketing and communication
  • The market, the competitors, and the design basics
  • Podcast
  • Video marketing
  • Fundraising

That said, the format is different from the previous editions. In fact, there will also be a focus on networking. Let me explain. How important is it today to have the right network of contacts?

For the only 25 participants who will attend the event in presence, we will offer a network and an aperitif offered by Mario Moroni and me.

In fact, there are only 25 places available for each city. Otherwise, there will be the possibility to follow the event online.

Massimo, can you leave us the link to participate in the event?

Sure, here you are the link.

We cannot wait to see you all!

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startup events