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Do you need a SEO tool to perform the online analysis of your website? In this article, we will introduce one of the best tools on the market for the optimization of websites: SEO Tester Online.

But before getting started: what is a SEO tool? It is a tool that helps you identify the criticalities that prevent your ranking and visibility in the SERPs. Therefore, it is essential for anyone who wants to build a website and be visible on search engines.

In general, these tools can help you find out:

  • How many visits your webpages are getting.
  • Whether traffic has dropped significantly.
  • If you have any HTML errors.
  • How many links you have.
  • What keywords you could use to attract more visits.

If you got curious on this subject, keep reading to learn what is SEO Tester Online and how to use it!

Introduction to the SEO tool of SEO Tester Online

Today, it is easier than ever to create a website thanks to all the CMS tools available (in this regard, please read also “CMS tools: the best 10 solutions for startups”) and to the spread of digitalization, which means that the competition is higher than ever and it is always more difficult to be able to appear among the first results of search engines. This problem is also due to the fact that 90% of users only visit the first search results pages and, at the same time, most website owners find SEO too complex.

What is the solution to this issue? SEO Tester Online! It is an all-in-one Italian platform that helps marketers, businesses, startups, e-commerce and web agencies in 45 countries around the world to monitor and improve the organic visibility of their website or that of their customers, thanks to innovative and guided tools, designed for SEO and web marketing. With this SEO tool you can generate leads, work on the technical optimization of your website, search and organize keyword lists and create SEO-friendly articles in the blink of an eye.

Are you still wondering why you should use SEO Tester Online? Let’s see a list of its main advantages:

  • It is guided: it guides you through your workflow and suggests you step by step how to solve problems.
  • It is easy to use: it was designed to be simple and intuitive even for those who are not experts in the sector.
  • It works on multi search engines: most SEO platforms only consider Google as the main search engine, but positioning your website well on other search engines is important as well.

Now it is time to get into practice and find out how this SEO tool is structured and how it works.

The main components of SEO Tester Online

There are many functions offered by SEO Tester Online that make it the most complete SEO tool on the market. Let’s have a quick overview of all of them:

  • SEO Audit: it analyses your website and gives your SEO a score that you can then improve by following the checklists.
  • Position tracking: it monitors the position of your website on the main search engines, while also allowing you to create reports and spy the strategy of your competitors.
  • Content marketing: the editorial assistant helps you create SEO-friendly articles.
  • Keyword research: with a database of 1.4 billion keywords in 36 countries, this function helps you find keywords with low difficulty and high search volume that you can then put into a list and send to your team with just a few clicks.
  • Competitor analysis: it helps find out the strategy of your competitors, such as their backlinks and metrics.
  • SEO reporting: you can create reports in just a few seconds, customize them with the data of your brand and also send automatic reports.
  • Lead generation: it allows to obtain new leads from the SEO analysis carried out by your users and to check all the metrics of your campaign in one screen.
  • Workspace: you can create customized work spaces to manage your team, assign tasks and check their activities.

With this overview we gave you a general idea of what you can find in this SEO tool, but let’s get into more details to find out how the platform really works.

How SEO Tester Online works

Enter the website and click “Login”. If you still have to register on the platform, click on “Sign up” or log in through your Google or Facebook account.

At this point, you are finally in the dashboard! Here you will see your projects if you already have created them or you can click on the button “+ Create a SEO project”, enter the URL of your website and type a name for your project. In order to create a project in this SEO tool, you will also need to complete the following steps:

  • Choose which part of your website you want to analyse (domain, subdomain, etc.). 
  • Customize the rules of scan to schedule how often you want to make a scan and have an automated one on the day you decide.   
  • Add the keywords you want to monitor to find out in real time the positioning of your website on search engines.
  • Add the country, search engine and device that you want to monitor.
  • Add the competitors you want to monitor by clicking on the suggested ones or adding them with their URL.

Once you are finished with these steps, you will land on your dashboard again and this time you will see the project you just created.

Let’s now find out what can you do by clicking on the sections on the left.

SEO Spider

If you open the project, you will land in the SEO Spider section and in the menu on the left you will find the following subsections:

  • SEO report: here you will find some information obtained with the scan. From this page, you can also decide to visualize previous scans, make a new one or download the report. In addition, if you click on “Base”, it gives you an overview of the SEO mistakes that you need to fix.
  • Titles: here you can obtain more detailed information on the titles of your website.
  • Content: here you can obtain more detailed information on descriptions, texts and images of your website.
  • Preview: here you can find out if there are mistakes to be fixed in your snippets.
  • Structure: here you can check the status of your https.

SEO Checker

In this section of the SEO tool, you will have the possibility to analyse a specific web page of your website or the one of your competitors. Therefore, you will obtain the following information:

  • SEO Score of the page
  • Website Preview
  • SEO Categories Analysis
  • UX & Performance Metrics
  • SEO Content Metrics

By clicking on the additional sections in the upper menu, you can also find out SEO mistakes in the page, how it performs on desktop and mobile and how it appears when shared on social media.

Keyword Rank Tracker

It is an important section of the SEO tool because it allows you to track the positioning of the keywords you decide to monitor and make a comparison with your competitors. Therefore, it will show you a tab with information such as the search volume and the positioning on a specific search engine and device.

You can also decide to create an automated report every week or month and receive it on your email or send it automatically to your team.

Keyword Explorer

Do you want to find out if you are using the best keywords? In this section of the SEO tool, you can find it out by simply typing the keyword you want to analyse and choosing the country. In this way, the platform will create a tab with the keyword you chose and similar ones and will show you their:

  • Volume
  • Trend
  • CPC (Cost per Click)
  • Competition
  • KD (Keyword Difficulty)

You can also customize the research by applying filters. For example, you can decide to exclude/include some specific keywords from the analysis.

Keyword List Manager

Here you can organize your keyword into lists. When you open a list, you will visualize the same information of the Keyword Explorer for each one of your keywords.

To create a list, enter the name of the list and then click on the button “+ Create”. You will then have to insert all the keyword you want to include in that list by typing them manually or importing them as CSV and select the countries you are interested in. In this way, you will generate a list for each country.

In addition, you can export, copy or share the list.

SERP Checker 360°

You can use this section of the SEO tool to find out the ranking of your competitors on three different levels:

  • Backlink: it will give you information on page authority, domain authority, link, do follow, no follow, domains, traffic. You can also make a comparison with your website (if it doesn’t already appear in the tab) by clicking on the specific button.
  • Copywriting: it will show you the topics, titles, keywords, images, anchors, etc. used by your competitors.
  • Social: it will show you reactions, shares, comments, traffic and popularity of your competitors’ social media posts linked to the keyword you chose.

You just need to select the search engine, the device and the country and type the keyword.

Copy Metrics

Copy Metrics allows you to find out the metrics and topics of your articles. In fact, once you enter the URL, the platform will show you on the left an heatmap with the keywords highlighted and their relevance. Instead, on the right, it will give you the following data:

  • Number of words
  • Reading time
  • Author
  • Most relevant keywords
  • Keyword ideas
  • Headings
  • Links
  • Images

SEO Editor

The peculiarity of this SEO tool is the possibility to rely on an editorial assistant. In fact, it will guide you through the process of writing an article. Let’s see how it works:

  • Select primary and secondary keywords: you will have to search and choose keywords to optimize and position your article.
  • Write SEO-friendly contents: write a content about the questions that are more searched by your users and find the related topics that you could deal to better respond to their search intent.
  • Follow the editorial assistant guidelines: you will know in advance what are the right words to use to attract new online visitors and you will create optimized contents.

Lead Generation 

As we anticipated, this section is useful for those who need to obtain new leads. In fact, here you can create standard forms or customized forms to add on your website. In this way, when users enter their data in this form, you will receive their contact.


Are you ready to get started with SEO Tester Online? There is a free plan that you can try and it gives you access to 4 SEO analysis per day, keyword research, content analysis and lead generation.

If you prefer a subscription plan, instead, give a look at these three areas: personal, agency and enterprise.

In the personal area, you can choose among:

  • Lite: it costs €18 per month and it is the best for those who want to get started with SEO.
  • Pro: it costs €26 per month and it is the best for SMB & startups.
  • Plus: it costs €38 per month and it is the best for SEO consultants.

In the agency area, you can choose among:

  • Advanced: it costs €48 per month and it is the best for growing SEO & PPC agencies.
  • Premium: it costs €96 and it is the best for large SEO & PPC agencies.
  • Infinity: it costs €296 and it is the best for highly-structured marketing agencies.

In the enterprise area of the SEO tool, there is only one plan at €499 per month and it is the best for companies with very large teams. Otherwise, you can also choose a tailor-made plan.

Do you want to give these plans a try? You can choose one of them and request a free trial of 7 days! 

Conclusions on the SEO tool of SEO Tester Online

The purpose of this article was to give you an overview of the SEO tool “SEO Tester Online” and explain its functioning in the easiest way. However, if you want to learn more, you can give a look at their blog or their YouTube channel.

If you want to find out other SEO tools, please read more on our blog: SEO tools: the best ones for beginners.

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