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Find out our resources for startups

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Resources for startups: what you will find

We believe in education, networking, value creation and growth and we want to improve Startup World’s fundraising process. Our team works to automate the selection of startups, creating the best match with investors. We support startup founders by spreading knowledge on relevant issues from the birth of a project to its management and growth. There are many resources here for startups that we make available, from the most used tools to knowledge in the digital or financial field. Discover our contents and tools here, to validate your idea, create your startup and achieve success!

Check out our resources for startup founders here, from startup school to digital marketing for startups, tools for startup and much more on our blog! Don’t stop following us to discover the new contents!

How to go from an idea to a startup? Find the right resources here and discover your starter kit to validate your idea and grow your business! Check out our videos, carousels and white papers.

Key resources:

Are you looking for the right tools for your startup? Here you will find the best ones to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your business. We have selected 600+ tools for startup!

Key resources:

  • Affiliate and Referral (video)
  • Team collaboration (video)
  • Business Intelligence (video)
  • Business Process Management (video)
  • Content Marketing (video)
  • Copywriting (video)
  • Email Marketing (video)
  • Image & File Compressor (video)
  • Influencer Marketing (video)
  • Graphic Design (video)
  • Logo Creation (video)
  • Membership Management (video)
  • Online Calendars, Webinars & Events (video)
  • Presentations (video)
  • Privacy and Cookies Policy & Terms and Conditions
  • Project Management (video)
  • Resume Builder & Optimization (video)
  • SEO (video)
  • Software Discovery (video)
  • Translation (video)
  • Video Creation (video)
  • Web Analytics 
  • Website Creation (video)

Here you will find many articles on the startup world, interviews with startup masters and many suggested tools to make your startup work! 

Key resources:

  • Affiliate and Referral
  • Business Angels
  • Business Process Management
  • Content Marketing, Copywriting & Storytelling
  • Digital PR
  • Email Marketing
  • Fundraising
  • Incubators / Accelerators
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Intellectual Properties
  • Legal
  • Logo, Design, Images & Brand Identity
  • Management Consulting
  • Membership Management
  • Online Calendars, Webinars & Events
  • Personal Branding
  • Planning & Controlling
  • Presentations
  • Privacy and Cookies Policies & Terms and Conditions
  • Project for Women Entrepreneurs
  • Software Discovery
  • Startup Events
  • Startup Mentor
  • Startup Validation
  • Startups Failure
  • Team
  • Translation
  • Venture Builder
  • Video Marketing & Creation
  • Web Analytics
  • Website Creation