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Project Management Software are useful tools to automate task assignment, allocate resources and track milestones for all phases of a project, thus increasing the productivity of the whole team.

The main services offered by this kind of software are:

  • Task lists
  • Schedules
  • File sharing
  • Communication
  • Reporting

Are you ready to start using a Project Management Software? In this article, we will review one of the best one for startups in our opinion: Trello.

In fact, Trello is one of the best choices for this kind of tools available today on the market, as it is very intuitive and simple and, at the same time, can be used to manage complex projects.

What is Trello: one of the best Project Management Software for startups

Trello is a Project Management Software that, among other things, allows users to create task boards composed by lists and to move tasks between lists. It is also very customizable and intuitive and can be used both for personal and business purposes.

It was created by Fog Creek Software in 2011 and then it was sold to Atlassian in 2017. Today, its value on the market amounts to $425 million.

Trello advantages

Do you want to know why we think that Trello is one of the best Project Management Software for startups? To answer this question, here is a list of its advantages:

  • Assignment management: you will find a board for each project and a card for each task, so that all your assignments are in order and can be easily tracked.
  • Client management: you can share your workspace with clients for a better and faster communication.
  • Calendar management: there is a feature that allows to visualize tasks on the calendar.
  • Budget management: you can choose to create a board with your budget information to keep it tracked.
  • Reporting: with the “Dashboard” feature you can visualize charts with cards per list, per due date, per member or per label.
  • Simple editing: you can edit task lists with a drag-and-drop system and they are also customizable.
  • Collaboration: teams can participate in discussions, send notes, share all type of files and comment tasks.
  • Security: this tool has high security standards and uses an encryption mechanism to make sure that your data is safe.
  • Integrations: you can connect this tool with any kind of third-party app, extension and plugin.

Trello alternatives

Looking for an alternative to Trello?

Trello is a Project Management Software that is ideal for organizations of 1 to 1000+ employees, startups included.

In fact, Trello is an affordable tool whose pricing starts at $5.00 per user per year. Most people use it for its agile methodologies, budget management and client portal, and because it is easy to use and it has a good user rating.

However, if value for money is your priority, there are a lot of other tools out there that could be a great match for your needs. In fact, if you want to check out alternatives before deciding to buy Trello, you can give a look at the following tools:

Here you are a comparative table with the main features for each one:

project management

How to use Trello: short tutorial of one of the best Project Management Software for startups

It is very easy to get started with this Project Management Software, but let’s see how to do it!

Enter the Trello website and log in or sign up by clicking one of the buttons in the corner up right. You can also choose to sign up with your Google / Microsoft / Slack account or with your Apple ID.

Once you are in, you can start creating a workspace by choosing a template or you can join one if you were invited. In both cases, the workspace will open up.

Now you can start to create lists and tasks within them by clicking on the equivalent buttons and giving them a name. With a drag-and-drop mechanisms, you can also move tasks from a list to another.

When you click on a task, you can see its description, the activity and the attachments and you can also add:

  • Members
  • Labels
  • Checklists
  • Dates
  • Attachments

Otherwise, you can make the following actions:

  • Move
  • Copy
  • Make template
  • Watch
  • Archive
  • Share

In addition, if you click on the button “Board”, you can choose to create:

  • Timelines: to organize your work with deadlines 
  • Tables: to organize a workspace like a spreadsheet
  • Calendars: to visualize tasks per day
  • Dashboards: to generate charts, visuals and metrics
  • Maps: to visualize tasks on a map

These features are only available with Trello Premium, which we will see in detail later.

Next to the “Board” button, there is another button that allows you to choose if you want the workspace to be private or public and the button to invite other members to join you. Instead, if you click on your picture, you can choose to change permissions and to view members’ activity.

Trello subscription plans

You can use this Project Management Software for free without falling into limitations, but Trello also offers three different subscriptions plans: Standard, Premium, Enterprise.

The Standard plan costs $5 per user per month if billed annually or $6 if billed monthly. The additional features included are:

  • Unlimited boards
  • Advanced checklists
  • Custom fields
  • Unlimited storage
  • Single board guests

The Premium plan costs $10 per user per month if billed annually or $12.50 if billed monthly. The additional features included are:

  • Features mentioned above (timelines, tables, calendars, dashboards and maps)
  • Admin and security features
  • Workspace-level templates
  • Collections
  • Saved searches
  • Priority support
  • Google Apps sign-on
  • Simple data export

The Enterprise plan costs $17.50 per user per month if billed annually or $210 per year, but it can change according to the number of users. The additional features included are:

  • Organization wide permissions
  • Organization visible boards
  • Public board management
  • Multi-board guests
  • Attachment permissions
  • Power-Up administration


Now that you have learned what is a Project Management Software and found out how to use Trello, are you ready to speed up your project? Invite your team into your workspace and start a new and productive journey!

If you want to deepen the functioning of Trello, you can also check out this guide or this tutorial. 

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