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Online Privacy Policy generators are nowadays extremely useful tools since privacy policy is one of the fundamental legal requirements that a website must have.

To make your site compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation and the ePrivacy Directive, it could be advantageous to rely on online Privacy Policy generators, regulating the use of cookies and the online tracking of data by the site itself. In this regard, in this article, we will talk about Iubenda, which among online Privacy Policy generators is one of the most valid, complete and at the same time convenient services.

What is a Privacy Policy?

Before talking about the service offered by Iubenda and its advantages with respect to others online Privacy Policy generators, it is good to clarify what is meant by Privacy Policy and why it is important that your website is provided with it.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the ePrivacy Directive affect how a website can use cookies to track users landing on that website.

A Privacy Policy is a document that declares and informs users about what personal data is processed, for what purpose and how such data is protected. In addition, for this information to be accessible to the user, the language used must be clear.

Most countries have privacy laws that require website owners, who process personal data, to have a Privacy Policy, failure to comply with this obligation may result in severe sanctions and prosecutions.

What is a Cookie Policy

When we talk about users’ personal data, we mean information that identifies an individual, such as names, email addresses, photos, etc … Cookies track and record the browsing activities of individual users and for this it is good to inform them, building a legal declaration through online Privacy Policy generators. A Cookie Policy, therefore, is part of the Privacy Policy and informs users about the purposes of using cookies themselves.

Iubenda, one of the best online Privacy Policy generators: how it works

Iubenda is a famous Italian platform that is also part of online Privacy Policy Generators.

The company was founded on February 22, 2011 by Andrea Giannangelo (who was a recent graduate in Economics), Carlo Rossi Chauvenet (lawyer) and Domenico Vele (Software Engineer), who immediately convinced investors such as the Digital Investment SCA SICAR fund, Andrea Di Camillo and Marco Magnocavalllo.

Iubenda had immediately an incredible success and today it has over 65 thousand customers worldwide and enjoys an excellent reputation, still having a limited competition.

The company currently operates in all European countries as well as in countries such as the United States, Canada, and Australia.

This platform allows to create a correct Privacy Policy, so that a site complies with the legal regulations on the protection of users’ personal data. The service covers not only websites but also mobile apps and Facebook Apps. Through this platform, startups and companies will be able to adapt their websites to legal requirements in a practical and economical way, without sacrificing speed and user experience.

Iubenda is a service that has been developed by a team of lawyers, who constantly customize and update it, ensuring that the website in question follows the regulations, even if they are updated. This team represents a peculiarity of Iubenda, compared to other online Privacy Policy generators, and in fact deals with the online compliance of companies and startups, without underestimating their business objectives and tastes regarding design, language, content, and aspect of legal documents.

Main services and pricing of Iubenda, one of the most used Privacy Policy generators

The main services that the platform offers are:

  • Privacy and Cookie Policy generation
  • Cookie Solution
  • Terms and Conditions generation
  • Consent Solution
  • Internal Privacy Management

Let’s see them in more detail below.

Privacy e Cookie Policy generation

It is the solution to easily generate and manage a professional Privacy and Cookie Policy, automatically updated, customizable thanks to over 1500 clauses, available in 8 languages, drawn up by an international legal team and aligned with the main international regulations. Among the main clauses available and most used, we find:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google AdSense
  • Monitoring of Facebook conversions
  • Newsletter

This platform, therefore, allows to generate with a few clicks the Privacy Policy suitable for all websites, entering the URL and selecting the chosen language. In a few minutes, Iubenda automatically scans all the services present and inserts them into the Privacy Policy. Then, the platform provides a script to insert into the HTML of the website’s pages. In addition, it is the script itself that generates the banner that from time to time appears when the site opens, informing the user of the processing of his personal data.

Besides, Iubenda is among the few online Privacy Policy generators that allow to simultaneously comply with cookie law, which includes the GDPR, the ePrivacy Directive and the CCPA, that is the California Consumer Privacy Act, which offers greater protections and rights for consumers residing in California.

Finally, all policies issued by Iubenda are provided both in a simple and iconographic version and in a complete legal version.

Cookie Solution

This service is necessary to manage consent preferences as required by the ePrivacy Directive and the GDPR.

Unlike other online Privacy Policy generators, Iubenda has several customization options. With the Cookie Solution it is possible to have full control over the cookie banner: one can change its color, size, content, location, insert additional items such as buttons or checkboxes, and change its behavior. The solution for managing consent to cookies automatically integrates with the Privacy and Cookie Policy of the website, conforming it to the GDPR and cookie law.

This service allows you to:

  • Show the data collection alert
  • Show the link “Do not sell my personal information” within the notice and in other parts of the website, thus facilitating the opt-out
  • Detect the location and automatically apply the correct standards, even when there are more than one. When required, our solution allows to apply both CCPA standards and GDPR standards to the same users
  • Automatically save and switch user preferences (including opt-out) to advertising service providers

In addition, the Cookie Solution is optimized to work with all mobile and touch devices.

Terms and Conditions generator

It is the right solution to easily generate and manage a professional Terms and Conditions document, customizable thanks to over 100 pre-configured clauses, available in 8 languages, drawn up by an international legal team and always updated with respect to the main international regulations. So, this very well-done service makes it place among the best online Privacy Policy generators.

The Terms and Conditions define the terms of use of a website, app or service in a legally binding manner, representing a fundamental component for the protection of copyright on contents.

Optimized for all kinds of scenarios, from e-commerce and apps to the most complex marketplaces, and Software as a Service (SaaS), it also provides a dashboard to easily manage and edit documents.

Consent Solution

In line with the general objectives of the online Privacy Policy generators, Iubenda stores and manages consent tests and user privacy preferences as required by the GDPR. It integrates seamlessly with data collection forms, synchronizes with legal documents, and includes an intuitive dashboard that allows to retrieve consents at any time.

With the Consent Solution there is the opportunity to enjoy some advantages, including:

  • Storing multiple preferences for each user
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Collecting user’s consent and privacy preferences in one place

Internal Privacy Management

In addition to the functions of online Privacy Policy generators, Iubenda offers solutions to document processing activities within your organization. With this service, Iubenda generates a processing register: it adds processing activities thanks to over 1500 pre-configured options, dividing them by area and documenting the legal bases and other information required by the GDPR. In addition to managing multiple projects with a single account, this service allows to:

  • Define security measures for each data processing activity
  • Define data retention policies for each processing activity

Payment Plans

Iubenda offers several solutions, each of which is adaptable to the needs of the individual customer, representing one of the most convenient online Privacy Policy generators on the market.

For the most requested service, namely the Privacy and Cookie Policy generator, it offers 3 types of licenses, Basic, Pro and Ultra.

Let’s see them below:

  • A free Basic license, which offers Privacy and Cookie Policy services, and the Cookie Solution, with some limitations
  • A Pro license, for €27 per year, which offers Privacy and Cookie Policy services, and the Cookie Solution
  • An Ultra license, for €99 per year, offering Privacy and Cookie Policy services, cookie solution and Terms and Conditions

These plans refer to trades with up to 25k page views per month. The price increases if you view more pages per month or if you want to implement Iubenda on multiple websites. It also boosts your maximum monthly page views to 50k.

There is also the possibility to purchase “bundles”, packages that include different services at the same time.

As for the payment methods, however, it is possible to pay by credit card or PayPal, being able to take advantage of the possibility of refund if requested within 14 days of purchase or renewal.

Additional services of Iubenda compared to the other online Privacy Policy generators

In addition to the more popular features listed above, Iubenda offers additional services compared to other online Privacy Policy generators.

It is possible to:

  • Set up an SRL company
  • Open a VAT Number online


Considering the current GDPR and ePrivacy directive laws, it is necessary to have a Privacy Policy, for all websites or online businesses.

In this article we provided a complete overview of the main features of one of the best online Privacy Policy generators, Iubenda, illustrated the mode of operation and presented the main payment plans.

In addition to being one of the most advantageous platforms for its pricing, it also represents a 360-degree solution that allows to make websites and online businesses compliant with the law in multiple languages and legislation, with remote and automatic updates managed by an international legal team.

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