Other tools for startups: what you will find

Do you need useful tools for your startup? Discover our selection of other tools and all the categories of the best, more affordable and high-quality tools!

Privacy & cookies policy: other tools for startups

One of the many things to do after creating a website is a privacy policy page. But it’s hard to create a privacy policy yourself, and that’s where a privacy policy generator comes into play.

In our list we have selected the best tools for you!


There are many tools available in the market today to help you rock your personal brand on the job hunt to stand out from the competition.

If you want to get a job in our digital age, you’ll need more than just a resume. There are many tools that are specifically meant to help you build a better resume, but your resume can no longer be the crux of your job search strategy; instead, it needs to be one piece of your overall branding strategy. There are also tools that help you to optimize your resume if you want to be one of those job seekers, that are quicky picked up by recruiters that are working with ATS systems. Check out our proposal below for a little help!

Software Discovery platforms are usually used by startups or companies to find the best tools to manage their activities in different thematic areas.

These platforms are very useful for carrying out a complete and accurate search of the various tools available on the market, with the possibility of carrying out comparative analyzes of features, price, and ratings by users.

There are many websites that specialize in software discovery to identify the best tool options you need. Check out our list!

The translation process can often be a bit tedious, but fortunately, today we have a multitude of tools available that help us with the translation and, at the same time, improve our efficiency. Below is a list of translation tools selected for you, whether you are a beginner or a professional!

Computer-assisted translation tools, also called CAT Tools, are software that assist the translator in the process, minimizing the risk of leaving parts untranslated, improving terminological consistency within the text and improving productivity.

Across CafeTran Espresso Déjà Vu Fluency Now MateCat MemoQ Memsource OmegaT SDL Trados Wordfast

Machine translation tools enable translation from a source language to a target language through artificial intelligence, speeding up translation, improving terminology consistency and reducing translation costs.

Bing Translator DeepL TraduttoreGoogle TranslateiTranslateReverso TranslationSystran TranslateWPMLYandex Translate

If you want to rely on a professional, there are several platforms that are right for you and that will allow you to get high quality translations at affordable prices.

Fiverr ◆ Freelancer.com ◆ ProZ ◆ Smartcat ◆ Translatorsbase ◆ TranslatorsCafeUpWork