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Mobile Marketing is a strategy to reach a target audience on their mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. In fact, mobile devices are becoming always more important in our daily life, and they must be taken into consideration when planning a digital marketing strategy.

But which benefits can Mobile Marketing bring to a company?

  • Instant results
  • Affordable
  • Build relationships with customers
  • Reach the target audience
  • Tracking of the user response

If you want your business to achieve these benefits, you need to start learning more about Mobile Marketing and this is exactly the purpose of this article. 

Introduction on Mobile Marketing

Mobile phones are no longer just for making calls, they have become powerful multimedia devices, they are essential components of our daily life. For example, we can use them to browse the internet, check emails, take photos, use GPS, post on social media, and much more. This is what makes Mobile Marketing so important today.

But where should you start from? You should focus on:

  • A website that is optimized for mobile devices
  • A mobile app to reach more customers

Mobile Marketing for websites

When talking about Mobile Marketing for websites, you should know that search engines offer results that match the search terms and the user’s location. They can also tell if a website is optimized for mobile devices or not. 

But what exactly does “mobile optimized” mean? Let’s start with the technology used to create your website. There are many solutions available, but most search engines prefer what is called “responsive design”, which means that a website adapts to the size of the screen, even the smallest one. In addition, fonts and buttons should be easy to read and to press and the navigation should be clear and simple. Visitors should be able to quickly understand what they can do and how.

Once your website is mobile optimized, you need to make sure that it is visible to search engines by using SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The fundamental parameters on which the SEO of a website for mobile devices is based are:

  • Performance: it refers to the loading speed of the website, which can be affected by various elements, such as the presence of images and particularly large files.
  • Usability: it refers to the experience of visitors on the website. In other words, if your website offers a satisfying experience to mobile users, it is more likely to appear in search engine results.

Mobile Marketing for mobile apps

Mobile apps are applications that can be downloaded and installed on a mobile device. Usually, they offer specific functions that are difficult to perform on a browser and are often integrated with smartphone features, such as the camera or GPS.

Mobile apps can be integrated into your Mobile Marketing strategy in many ways, for example:

  • Push notifications: they are messages that your app could send to a person’s mobile phone as a reminder of an event or to offer discounts.
  • Loyalty program: customers could use the app to accumulate points, with which they could purchase a product or something else.
  • Simplified payment process: it allows customers to purchase products or services in just a few clicks.

Developing a mobile app could help you reach a specific goal, but of course it can be difficult and expensive. The best ways to realize an app, in fact, are relying on a professional developer or using tools (such as Appy Pie, Build Fire or Como) to realize it independently.

Advertising and Mobile Marketing

Smart businesses are investing more and more to try to reach potential customers with advertising aimed at mobile platforms. However, creating brilliant ads is only half the job. It is equally important to have a website optimized for mobile devices, otherwise your ads on Google or Facebook will direct users to a website that has not been properly optimized and will produce a bad memory of the experience. Also remember that not all mobile devices are the same and you should personalize your ads to work well on any type of screen.

If you want to implement advertising into your Mobile Marketing strategy, you can consider the following options:

  • Search campaigns for mobile devices
  • Display campaigns for mobile devices
  • Social media campaigns for mobile devices

Search campaigns for mobile devices

Just like any other search campaign, you will need to choose keywords to match your ads with. You could use the same keywords as in a normal search campaign but remember that mobile users don’t search like they would do on a computer or laptop. They are more likely to choose short and simple terms. Then, you should also remember that people who search on mobile devices often have a specific goal in mind. So, make sure your ad reflects exactly what the customer is looking for.

We want to give you a few tips that will let you to implement search campaigns into your Mobile Marketing strategy in the best possible way: 

  • If you have created ads associated with search results that target mobile users, make sure those users see them exactly on those devices.
  • Search engines, like Google and Bing, allow you to specify the mobile preference for certain ads. In this way, users who are using a PC will not see mobile optimized ads.
  • People who use mobile devices behave differently than computer users, and this attitude can reflect on the amount you decide to allocate for your ads. “Bid adjustments” can help you spend your money more wisely.

Display campaigns for mobile devices

Display ads are used to grab people’s attention as they browse online. However, with so many different devices, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to display ads. For example, an ad could be very effective on a tablet but disproportionate, or even annoying, on a smaller screen. Therefore, if you want your display ads to be effective on a mobile device, you will have to find the right combination of formats for the devices your audience uses. In addition, people spend a lot of their time on apps when using mobile devices. So, it is more important than ever to include mobile apps in your display ad plan.

Social media campaigns for mobile devices

There are three basic steps that you should consider started creating social media campaigns within your Mobile Marketing strategy:

  1. Identify which social media you want to use once you understand the goals of a social network and the people who use it, you will be able to choose the spaces that best suit your business.
  2. Take advantage of the audience targeting features: social media offer various targeting options to make sure your ads reach the right people.
  3. Create ads with mobile in mind: people increasingly tend to visit social media from their mobile devices; therefore, your messages must be optimized for small screens.

As more and more users are using social media from their mobile devices, an effective Mobile Marketing campaign for social networks can really help you maximize the results of your advertising strategy.

Connect with your mobile users: detailed information

If you want to gain more detailed information on mobile marketing, please click on this link where you will find further guidelines provided by google support.

Topic covered:

  • Connect with mobile users
  • Deliver great mobile site and app experiences
  • Measure the full value of mobile
  • Set bids that drive profitable mobile traffic


The potentiality of Mobile Marketing is constantly growing and now is the right moment to take advantage of this opportunity. With the information in this article, you will be able to start planning a strategy and conquer this field of marketing.

mobile marketing