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logo creation for startup

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Logo creation for startup is an important aspect to define your brand identity and increase brand awareness.

With a small budget, and sometimes even for free, you can create something unique.

Below is a series of online tools for creating the logo divided into two categories:

  • do-it-yourself logo creation tool.
  • Platforms for creating a logo with the help of a professional.

DIY tools to create logo

In this section we list all the best online tools of logo creation for startup, available today. Some of them are even available for free.

Logo creation: Canva

Making a logo does not have to be complicated. Canva is an online tool of logo creation for startup that has all the ingredients you need to create a great logo quickly and for free, but Canva is much more than this, it is a complete tool for graphic design.

How to create a logo:

  • choose a template from the library of professional logos.
  • add your brand name to your logo template.
  • customize the logo with your brand colours.
  • download and share the finished logo.
  • add your logo to business cards, brochures, flyers and more.

Pricing: It exists both in free and paid version, starting from 11.99 € per month.

Logo creation: Design Free Logo

Design Free Logo is a type of online tool of Logo creation for startup that creates three-dimensional logos that make your brand stand out on any screen. You can choose from several templates to find the perfect logo that represents your brand identity.

Pricing: Pricing is individual for each logo, but most logos are free.

Logo creation: Design Mantic

Design Mantic offers a tool for logo creation for startup simple and fast, starting from some already created logos, carefully divided by sector to which the company belongs.

Pricing: $ 37 for a single logo.

Logo creation: DesignEvo

DesignEvo is one of the few online tools of logo creation for startup that includes millions of icons, logo shapes, fonts, and more. Over 5K templates allow users to quickly create a custom, professional-looking logo from a predefined style. DesignEvo is an easy way to design and customize your logo from scratch.

Pricing: Free Plan: FREE; Basic Plan: USD19.99; Plus Plan: USD39.99.

Logo creation: Designhill

Designhill is an online tool of  logo creation for startup that allows you to create a logo for free and is used by thousands of business owners and graphic designers every day. You can choose from over a thousand designs for your logo and change colors, fonts and text according to your preferences. You can also purchase the files to get limited access and to be able to print your logo on business cards or other. Plus, you can run a contest and receive a huge number of logo designs to choose from.

Pricing: from £ 15 one time.

Logo creation: Designi KiKi

Design Kiki is an online tools of logo creation for startup that generates beautifully customized logos in just a few clicks.

Pricing: does not have a free plan. Paid version starts at $ 19.99 / one-time.

Logo creation: Designimo

Designissimo is an online tool of logo creation for startup, easy to use, for producing professional high-resolution logos for your business.

Pricing – has a free version and offers free trial.

Logo creation: Designs.ai

Design.ai is a smart A.I. powered logo and brand building tool to generate logos, brand assets, and full brand identity kits. 

You can generate thousands of logo variations using AI and choose from more than 10K icons and millions of colour and font combinations; edit easily with the built-in editor; create complete branding kits and finally, download files in social media-friendly and print-ready formats.

Pricing: does not have a free plan. Paid version starts at US $ 19.00 / one-time.

Logo creation: Envato Elements

Envanto Elements offers unlimited downloads of high-quality free logos through a single commercial license. Using a network of independent designers, it provides a wide range of creative logos to choose from and is quite simple to use.

Pricing: free.

Logo creation: Free Logo Design

With Free Logo Design you just need to enter the name of your company and select the sector, in this way you will get templates to start from, or you can decide whether to design your logo from scratch.

Pricing: the low-resolution file is free, while downloading the high-resolution logo costs $ 69.

Logo creation: GraphicSprings Logo Creator

GraphicSprings is a free online logo maker. So, you can create a beautiful logo design for your business or personal brand. You can make a custom logo very easily and fast and download high resolution files for a small price.

Pricing: $19.99 per single logo.

Logo creation: Hatchful

Hatchful is simple to use and allows you to customize your logo to your preferences. First you can choose your industry, and once selected, you can choose your style, add your company name and your pay-off. Then you can choose the logo that best suits your needs and, if necessary, modify it further. You can experiment with fonts, colors, icons and layouts until you are happy with the result.

Pricing: free.

Logo creation: Launchaco Logo Maker

Launchaco Logo Maker is one of the best tools you can use to create logos for free. The website has an intuitive user interface and works from any web browser. It is a tool for creating online logos designed to be easily used even by those who have no knowledge of graphics, in fact it guides the user in choosing. the fonts, colors and icons to use.

The logos created with Launchaco Logo Maker can be downloaded for free in both SVG and PNG format, however their use in personal and commercial projects is limited by the conditions of use of the fonts and icons included in them.

Pricing: free.

Logo creation: Logaster

Logaster is a software that generates logos and corporate identity with easy creation, minimal costs, and high quality of the result.

Pricing – has a free version and offers free trial. Paid version is available starting at $ 9.99 / one-time.

Logo creation: Logo Garden

Logo Garden is an online logo maker that lets its users to create a free custom logo in minutes. It offers hundreds of different templates suitable for different industries, with over a thousand brand symbols and layout options.

Pricing: free, but you can request the help of a professional for only $ 39.99.

Logo creation: Logo Genie

Logo Genie has an intuitive interface that allows you to create the perfect logo quickly and easily for your business. Thanks to this logo maker, you can customize your logo according to your preferences, changing color, orientation, size etc. You can purchase your logo in different file sizes, such as JPG, PNG, PDF, EPS, etc.

Pricing: Starting at $ 24.90.

Logo creation: Logo Type Maker

Logo Type maker is a perfect logo creation tool for startups and small companies that do not have a great experience or a large budget, because it lets you to generate a logo quickly and automatically. Just enter the company name and click on “create logo now”, select your favorite logo and change the shape, colors and fonts according to your preferences and that is it.

Pricing: the basic plan costs € 1.99 and the premium plan costs € 4.99.

Logo creation: Looka

Looka is a graphic designing solution to design custom logos, websites, business cards, and more.

Pricing: Looka has a free plan, while the paid version is available starting at $ 4.99 / month.

Logo creation: MarkMaker

Enter your company name and MakeMaker will generate several options for your logo. Put a heart on the logos you like the most and select the sector in which your business falls. This logo maker will learn the type of logo you like and will present you with suitable options. When you have found the perfect logo, hover over the logo and click the pencil icon to further modify and customize your logo. As soon as you are satisfied with the result you can download the file.

Pricing: free, but there is the option to donate $ 3 or $ 5 at the user’s discretion.

Logo creation: My Brand new logo

It is an online logo maker that automatically creates professional logo designs based on a few questions about your company.

Pricing – has a free version and offers free trial. Paid version is available starting at US $ 20.00 / one-time.

Logo creation: Online Logo Maker

It is an online logo creation tool, easy to use that also allows you to add your logo to business cards, providing you with a series of templates. What sets it apart from others is that you can also upload your own images.

Pricing: You can download the 500px size for free, while the high-resolution files cost $ 49.

Logo creation: Smashinglogo

Smashinglogo simplifies the process of generating a new logo for a brand, in fact the logo creation tool generates hundreds with a modern and unique design in seconds.

Pricing: Doesn’t have a free plan but does offer a free trial version. Paid version starts at US $ 39.00 / one-time.

Logo creation: Squarespace Logo Maker

Squarespace is a multifunctional platform that allows you to create an excellent online presence. Allows you to customize the design to suit your style and professional needs. Thanks to powerful SEO tools, it helps to be found in searches. These in-depth analysis tools allow you to understand where a website traffic comes from, what visitors are looking for and how they interact with content or products. He is also a logo maker.

Pricing: Doesn’t have a free plan but does offer a free trial version. The paid version starts at US $ 12.00 / month.

Logo creation: Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is an online platform that allows you to design a logo in seconds. This solution can manage from logo design to presentations for your brand.

Pricing: Does not have a free plan and the paid version is available starting at $ 3.99 / month.

Logo creation: Turbologo

Turbologo is a Logo making solution to create custom brand images using various colors, icons, patterns, layouts, and fonts. Creating an online logo with Turbologist is easier than you think. There is no need to have any design skills. You can create a quality logo in minutes

Pricing: Offers a free trial version. Paid version is available starting at US $ 20.00 / one-time.

Create your logo with Ucraft by Logo Maker

Ucraft is a website builder that turns users’ ideas into reality online. Logo Maker is a free app that helps you create a free logo with the help of texts and icons. The logo tends to be cartoon style. The app allows you to download the logo with a transparent background in PNG format.

Pricing: Ucraft by Logo Maker is totally free.

Platforms for creating logo with the help of a professional

In this second section we list all the best online platforms for creating your logo made with the help of a designer.


99designs is more than a simple online tool for creating a logo, but it is a single platform to create a complete brand. You have the option of working directly with a designer and there is also a premium service available for agencies.

99designs may be a little expensive compared to the others, but it offers excellent value for money, especially if you must do long-term design work. You can launch a contest for any graphic project, from logos to product packaging, through book covers.

By paying extra you can also organize a private contest, so as not to show your competitors your work. If contests are not your thing, you can always explore individual designer profiles and portfolios, pick your favorites and work directly with them.

Pricing: starting from € 269


BestCreativity provides an ever-growing community of creatives and provides access to many proposals to create a logo, design the website or find a name for the company.

To create your project and obtain the required work, simply follow 3 quite simple steps:

  • Describe your needs and indicate how much you are willing to spend by filling out the brief and publishing your requests.
  • View all upcoming proposals, vote, and leave feedback to the creatives.
  • Choose the best proposal and receive all the creative material. Only when you confirm your satisfaction will the assigned budget be transferred to the winner.

Pricing: starting from € 249


At DesignCrowd you will have the opportunity to work with professional designers at surprisingly low prices. You can create logo design contests and get a wide choice of works to choose from, or, alternatively, you can choose direct collaboration with a designer. With the cheapest package you do not have the option to choose your designer, but for a small extra you can grab one of the best. There is also a 30-day money back guarantee, so you do not have to worry about ending up with a design that does not really convince you.

DesignCrowd offers a wide range of other design services, such as web design, business cards, flyers and much more.

Pricing: € 90.24 for each logo.


The platform, through a useful search wizard for logo design, helps you find the perfect designer for your project; you will be able to browse designer profiles to see their past work and feedback from other clients. The most interesting aspect of Fiverr is the quality of the work that you can get at low prices.

Pricing: starting from € 4.14 per logo.


If you need a developer for a project involving your website, software, applications, processing or, of course, to design a logo or image for you then Freelancer is a great option for outsourcing.

Pricing: Prices are negotiated individually.

Guerra Creativa

It is an Argentine platform developed purely for the creation of logos and corporate images for websites with more than 30K designers inside, where you can launch your contest. It is one of the best-known platforms of the Latin American community both in terms of quantity of projects and in terms of quality, as well as for the quantity of designers willing to accept orders and take them to a high level.

Pricing: starting from € 146 for single logos.

The Logo Company

The Logo Company is a little different from the others, in fact, once registered, you have to write a very detailed presentation for the design of your logo. After that, five expert designers will work according to these indications, giving you a choice of five different graphic concepts in just 3 days.

The website is only available in English, but designers can create a logo in any language.

Don’t underestimate the fact that you can get an unlimited number of revisions and reworkings. This shows that the platform cares that its customers are satisfied with the result.

The experience is in general more similar to assigning a project to an agency, but it costs much less than this.

Pricing: starting from 165 €.


Turbologist comes from a crowdsourcing platform known as Adtriboo. He is one of the European leaders for connecting clients with freelance professionals and developing projects and assignments, and of course commissioning the project of creating your logo. There are many different types of Twago experts, including web programmers, application programmers, graphic designers, translators, and online marketing experts.

Pricing: the price is individual per logo and depends on the offers you received for the creation of your project.


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