Digital Marketing Tools: what you will find

Do you need digital marketing tools for your startup? Discover our selection and all the categories of the best, more affordable and high-quality tools!

Affiliate and Referral software helps companies promote their products and services more effectively by using their customer base as a source for additional sales leads, support grow, track partner activities, and pay affiliate commissions. These tools automate the onboarding, contracting, reporting, tracking of activities, and payments to affiliates in the program. Affiliate marketing and tracking software provides an easier and more efficient way of creating, managing, and scaling your own affiliate program.

You can create content to your liking, but you need two things to make sure you build a success plan. The first thing is to set up a strategy. Second, you need tools to prove that what you are doing is working.

Content Marketing software automates the processes of creating, publishing, and tracking the ROI of content-related marketing campaigns. In their simplest form, marketing tools are all kinds of software that help promote a business, and its products or services. Content marketing is a crucial part of building brand awareness, enhancing your visibility in search rankings, and connecting with your customers, but perusing thousands of available content marketing tools can lead to information overload. There are specialized content marketing tools that deliver specific benefits and other more generalized marketing tools. Some tools help you keep your strategy and keep your marketing on track, others will help you see what’s working and what’s not, so you can rotate and tweak your plan as you go. Check out our list of the best tools, but if they don’t meet your needs, don’t stop, and keep looking!

Creating a persuasive message is one of the most important parts of marketing, and copywriting tools can help you plan, draft, and deliver it more effectively. A good tool could save you time, improve your content. From creating text and ad copy to writing blog posts as part of a content marketing campaign, marketers use persuasive writing in a variety of formats to drive conversions and ensure the success of their campaigns. Copywriting is also used in email marketing and creating engaging posts for social media. Thankfully, a variety of copywriting tools are available that can help you. Looking for the best copywriting tools to support your content creation efforts in digital marketing? To help you we have put together this list of the best copywriting tools, so check out our list!

Email marketing software enables automation of email communication with prospects and current customers.

These systems manage mailing lists, monitor the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and can be used to strengthen brand recognition, announce new product launches, and promote services.

Influencer marketing platforms help startups, brands, and other organizations to find the right influencer for them. So, they help companies to discover, develop and track relationships with important social media players who can promote the brand and business content to their followers. Influencer marketing software allows you to manage campaigns and analyze their results through specific ROI measurement features. These platforms help with all management activities, including payments. They are very useful tools for startup because they can help from the very early stage to expand the audience and grow the business.

Graphic design software provides users with the functionality needed to design, edit, and publish graphics or images even if you are not an experienced graphic designer. There are tools suitable for beginners that can support from creating a logo to using thousands of images, and much more.


Adobe Stock ◆ Age Fotostock ◆ Avopix ◆ Barn Images ◆ Big Stock Photo ◆ Bucketlistly ◆ Burst di Shopify Can Stock Photo ◆ CANVA ◆ CCSearch Crestock ◆ Cupcake ◆ DevianArt ◆ Dreamstime Envato Elements ◆ Epictura ◆ Every Stock Photo ◆ Fancy Crave ◆ Flaticon ◆ Flickr ◆ Foca Stock ◆ Foodie Factor ◆ Foodies Feed ◆ Foter ◆ Free Digital Photos ◆ Free for commercial use ◆ Free Nature Stock ◆ FreePik ◆ Free Pixels ◆ Free Images ◆ Free Media Goo ◆ Freerange ◆ From Old Books ◆ Getty Images ◆ Good Free Photos ◆ Google Images ◆ Gratisography ◆ ImageAfter ◆ Imagebase ◆ ◆ ISO Republic ◆ iStock Photo ◆ Jay Mantri ◆ Kaboompics ◆ LibreShot ◆ LibreStock ◆ Life of Pix ◆ Little Visuals ◆ Lomography ◆ Magdeleine ◆ MarblePics ◆ Morguefile ◆ My Stock Photos ◆ ◆ New Old Stock ◆ Old book illustrations ◆ OpenPhoto ◆ Pexels ◆ Pixabay ◆ PhotoRack ◆ ◆ Photostock Editor ◆ ◆ Picjumbo ◆ Pickup Image ◆ Pikwizard ◆ Pixabay ◆ ◆ Pond5 ◆ PurePNG ◆ Pxhere ◆ RawPixel  ◆ RESHOT ◆ ShutterStock ◆ Smithsonian ◆ SplitShire Startup Stock ◆ Stock RGB ◆ Stock Snap ◆ Stock Xchng ◆ Stockio ◆ StockVault ◆ StokPic ◆ ◆ Textures ◆ The New York Public Library ◆ Unprofound ◆ Unsplash ◆ Vecteezy ◆ Visualhunt  ◆ 123RF ◆ 4 Free Photos ◆ 5000 Free Stock Photos

Mockup tools let you to concretize ideas and thoughts during the first phase of designing a project in a cheap and fast way.

Check out our list of the best Mockup tools to find the one that best suits your needs!


Podcast recording and Text-To-Speech software

Podcasts are a powerful mean of communication with which to create a lasting bond with your audience, humanize your business, tell your story and increase trust and credibility. Podcast Recording software and Text-To-Speech software allow you to create all kinds of podcasts in a simple and convenient way, supporting you in the entire creation and sharing process.


Presentation software helps people with creating and conducting effective presentations efficiently.

Check out the list below of the best tools in our opinion!

SEO tools allow you to plan a SEO strategy and make an analysis of the performance of websites on search engines. These tools are essential for building a SEO-friendly website, as they help improve it, solve its criticalities, increase visitor traffic, improve its positioning, and obtain an increasing number of conversions.

Check out our list to find the SEO tool that suits you best!

Social listening tools are the best way to find out what customers say about your brand and monitoring your online reputation! Find out which are the best social listening tools available on the market and get started!

The creation and editing of videos are essential today to improve brand awareness for companies and startups. In fact, videos are a creative tool that easily captures the interest of your audience, and all this can be achieved even with a limited budget and even for free with the simple and right tool! Video creation and editing tools help you create professional looking videos for all your needs! Check out our list!

Web Analytics

Web & Social Media Analytics: digital marketing tools

Web Analytics Software enables companies to track and analyse information regarding their website visitors targeting them, how they found the website, the actions they take while there, and much more. Find out our list to discover the best tools for you!

How can you create a website by yourself? If you are a programmer it’s easy! But if you are a startup and you do not have the right skills internally, do not worry! There are several tools that can be very useful to you even if you are on a tight budget! CMS tools are indeed the right choice for you in this case! They are in fact tools that allow you to create websites very easily.

If you’re thinking about how to create a DIY website, take a look at the tools we suggest on our list!