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Copywriting websites for startups can be a useful tool to create low budget contents if you don’t have a copywriter. Why is a copywriter so important? Whether you are a startup struggling with the creation of a website or a landing page or even a blog, or in any case all the material for your marketing strategy, you will certainly need to write some contents and maybe it will have to be SEO optimized. If you want to climb the Google Search results rankings, you don’t need a simple copywriter, but someone specialized in SEO.

To accomplish this task, today you have the help of copywriting websites where you can find someone to write an excellent text, even SEO optimized.

Among the various Copywriting websites available today, we find Melascrivi, which is a meeting point between publishers and authors. 

Throughout this article, we will explain how it works, how to register, what are the advantages and which other functions it includes, analysing everything mainly from the point of view of publishers who, in this case, are the startup founders.

What is Melascrivi

Melascrivi is the first content marketplace, connecting publishers and authors, born in Italy in 2012 and owned by the company Content Marketplace Ltd based in London.

Since the focus of our article is to provide a tool to our startups to solve the problem of writing contents, let’s see how it works from the publisher’s perspective, one of the best copywriting websites available today on the market.

How this copywriting tool works for publishers: subscription, services, quotes and payments

Melascrivi is the first between the Copywriting websites and in this section we will see how it works and the useful services available for a startup.

How to subscribe if you are a publisher

As for the registration for publishers, click on Subscribe and select “Become a customer”. After entering email and password, you will also need to select a sector and, among the various possibilities, the item startup also appears. Once this is done, you will be able to access your dashboard from which you can start requesting contents, load your account and view a ranking of authors.

Main services of this copywriting tool

As per the other copywriting websites on the market, there is a set of basic services available. 

When you request a content, you will also need to enter some guidelines and, the more they are detailed giving indications on tone of voice, style, sources to draw from, content setting and number of words, the more the result will be like what had been requested and, therefore, advantageous for the publisher. 

An important clarification concerns the so-called “stop words”, which are those words that won’t be counted by the platform (conjunctions, prepositions, possessive adjectives, etc.) and which can be found listed at this link. It’s a particularly advantageous element for publishers because words that can’t be counted don’t have to be paid. Therefore, it will be up to the author to insert 10-20% additional words to be able to reach the number of words indicated by the publisher.

Let’s see in detail the basic services:

  • Editorial staff
  • Proofreading
  • Formatting
  • Images

Editorial service

It allows you to choose a group of authors according to quality, preparation in the specific field of the project, place of origin, articles accepted, success rate, etc. It is also possible to request a professional editorial staff by sending an email to the Melascrivi staff and asking for copywriters and journalists who have experience in important newspapers.

Proofreading service

It allows you to entrust the revision to an expert author providing – in this case too – guidelines and an order of priority if, for example, grammatical correctness represents an element of greater importance compared to the rest.

Formatting service

It allows the author to enter bold types and paragraphs using SEO, so that the content is ready to be published.

Image selection service

They allow to enhance the content even more and, therefore, the authors will be able to choose royalty free images from an internal Melascrivi gallery and propose them to the publisher.

Payments and quotes

As we had anticipated, payments are managed only with PayPal. Therefore, it will be necessary to load the account with a minimum of 30€ and, in that way, the payment will be done automatically every Monday. In the dashboard, going to “Load account” and then “Deposit list” you can download invoices in PDF format.

As for quotes, you can request them in three different ways:

  • Homepage: scrolling down the homepage, appears a section called “self-service quote”, in which it is sufficient to enter the desired quality level, the number of words and any additional services to obtain a calculation of the price to pay.
  • Online questionnaire: following this link, you can fill in a questionnaire in which you will be asked personal data and specific information on the type of content you would like to commission.
  • Email: you can contact the staff at and write all the data necessary to calculate the quote.

However, on the website you can find the costs based on the quality level:

  • One star: it’s the starting level and costs 0.008€ per word.
  • Two stars: it’s the basic level and costs 0.010€ per word.
  • Three stars: it’s the intermediate level and costs 0.012€ per word.
  • Four stars: it’s the advanced level and costs 0.015€ per word.

What is Mela Suite and how it works

Mela Suite is a set of additional functions for publishers and you can activate it by paying an extra charge that varies according to the services you want to choose. It’s a particularly interesting set for startup founders because the services offered cover different areas of their interest at low prices.

Here there is a list of the additional functions:

  • MelaCondividi
  • MelaPromuovi
  • MelaControlli
  • MelaProduci
  • MelaKeys
  • MelaImmagini

Let’s analyse them in detail.


MelaCondividi is a sharing service with the purpose to increase the number of people interacting with your content. In fact, Melascrivi also acts as an intermediary between influencers and publishers, allowing the former to share the contents of the latter. In addition, publishers can freely choose the influencers who could bring the best results.

So, the publisher sets a budget (not less than 50€) and, based on that, he is offered influencers who can, in turn, choose whether or not to accept the task and to whom it will be necessary to provide precise guidelines. In the end, a calculation of the potential reach is made, but the publisher will only have to pay for the real reach, which is the sum of people who will share the content. If the final price is less than the 50€ initially invested, they will be refunded or can be invested in a new campaign.


MelaPromuovi is a service to make new readers discover your contents, which are already online on the website, by proposing them as reading suggestions on external websites. When the reader clicks on the suggestion, he lands directly on the publisher’s website, generating traffic. Usually, the external websites that Melascrivi relies on are newspapers, both big or small.

In this case too, you can freely choose the budget to invest, which must be not less than 30€.


MelaControlli is a service that allows you to check that your text is not being plagiarised. So, if someone uses your text on their websites, the search will report those websites and the percentage of similarity. Furthermore, it will always be possible to review the search in the “My controls” section of the dashboard.

The price of the service varies according to the number of words entered.


MelaProduci is a service that allows you to produce videos using articles or a gallery of images in less than 10 minutes.

The price for a single video is 50€.


MelaKeys is a service that allows you to find keywords or topics to create contents. You can do different types of searches:

  • Domain: if you enter your domain, you will be provided with data regarding the value of the traffic, the competitors and the main keywords.
  • Domain comparison: if you enter two domains to be compared, you will be provided with data regarding strengths and weaknesses of both domains.
  • Related words: if you enter a main keyword, you will be provided with related keywords.
  • Domain monitoring: if you enter your domain, you will be constantly provided with data on the health of the website, taking into consideration parameters such as loading time, duplicated contents, broken pages, etc.

The monthly price is 10€ and it includes 9.000 searches.


MelaImmagini is a service that gives you access to a database of images of any kind. The search can be done using keywords or choosing a category. Once you have purchased the image, you just need to go to the section called “My images” in the dashboard to find it and use it as many times as you want.

The price is not applied to the service, but to the image you want to purchase. Therefore, it varies depending on quality and size of the image.

Other services of this copywriting tool

The website has really thought of everything by implementing two other functions that can be particularly useful for startup founders:

  • Translations
  • Blog

We explain these functions below.


The translation function is particularly useful for those who want to create multilingual contents and websites. Specifically, you can choose among 50 different languages and the translation will be entrusted to certified professional translators. Otherwise, you can choose Neural Machine Translation (NMT), which consists in having the artificial intelligence to translate the text and then a translator to review it. The advantage of this second option is in terms of costs and timing, which will be shorter.

Each translation is reviewed by a qualified proof-reader before the project is delivered to the client. In fact, proofreading and formatting are always free for translations.

In this case too, in the section TraduciMela, it’s possible to calculate a quote independently and quickly.


The second function concerns the blog. Here, you can find several articles, especially related to content marketing, which can be useful both to those who don’t have much experience in this field and to those who have the basics but would like to deepen some topics. In fact, you can find both easily explained guides (on topics such as editorial plan or content marketing) and more specific articles (on topics such as featured snippet and EAT contents).

Conclusions on this copywriting tool

What differentiate Melascrivi from the other copywriting websites, that offer similar services, is the attention to the quality of contentswhich is guaranteed not only through the initial test to which the authors are subjected but also through the continuous verification carried out by proof-readers or by publishers themselves. Publishers can also choose to release their feedbacks at the end of the work and to request corrections to the author or refuse their work because it doesn’t meet their tastes. 

Melascrivi allows you to find authors for any topic, to obtain high quality translations in a short time and to create an editorial staff that you can manage independently according to your needs, and, in general is perfectly affordable in terms of rates, even for those with a low budget, as can happen to a startup. Moreover, the Melascrivi staff is always available to meet needs and problems of publishers, who are provided with a toll-free number and an email to receive the assistance they need. For example, it’s possible, if you contact their consultants, to establish an editorial plan together in order to be able to manage large amounts of work in a rather short time.

Among the copywriting websites for startups, Melascrivi certainly stands out and, for this reason, we recommend it to all those realities that don’t have specialized figures to carry out certain activities, but still want a quality service at reasonable prices.

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