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Introduction on the copywriting platforms

In this article we propose a list of the best copywriting platforms, given the substantial influence that this activity appears to have for the purposes of online positioning, generating leads and sales, and increasing brand awareness and engagement.

The best 10 copywriting platforms for startups

Let’s see hereafter 10 tools selected among the best copywriting platforms available online. 

Copywriting platforms: Atomic AI

copywriting platforms

Atomic AI is an AI-based platform that analyzes and optimizes contents with a simple click for search engines. It is a great tool to save time, achieving high performance results. 

This platform deals with various activities, including brand management, content management, conversion tracking, SEO content creation, etc…


Atomic AI offers 5 different payment plans tailored to the customer’s needs:

  • Free: it is a free plan that optimizes contents, improving it syntactically;
  • Starter: for €79 per month, it allows to analyze which topics most attract the target audience, and much more; 
  • Pro: it costs €129 per month and allows, among other functions, to analyze insights to monitor contents and results performance; 
  • Premium: at a price of €499 per month, it is possible to create profiles to divide the audience according to various targets, based on buyer personas or topics;
  • Managed: starting from €1500 per month, it offers professional services, including a dedicated support account, data analysis, etc…

Copywriting platforms:

copywriting platforms

Among copywriting platforms, offers numerous services that can improve companies’ marketing strategies, supporting them in data analysis and trends, producing quality content for blogs, and spreading them to increase the brand awareness of startups, brands and companies.

In particular, it offers: 

  • Heat maps
  • Content creation
  • Product sheets
  • Automatic text generator


As for payment plans, there is no single plan: offers a specific one for each service that can be used, also giving the possibility to create customized plans to use multiple tools at the same time.

To see the prices for the services offered, please click the links below:

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Copywriting platforms: CrawlQ

copywriting platforms

CrawlQ is one of the most creative copywriting platforms on the market. Also based on Artificial Intelligence, it is an excellent support tool to establish one’s reference target and analyze research intents. In addition, it creates content structured according to market research, increasing organic traffic, conversion rates, engagement, etc… 


CrawlQ gives the opportunity to subscribe annually, taking advantage of a 20% discount, or monthly, with 4 different plans.

Let’s see them below:

  • Basic: it is a special plan, as paying €79 you will have the services included in the price unlimitedly, not having to renew the payment monthly;
  • Advance: for €366 per month, it is suitable for those who have to manage multiple projects at the same time;
  • Pro: at a cost of €741 per month, it is recommended for B2B professionals without SEO knowledge;
  • Premium: for €1199 per month, it offers unlimited services compared to other plans, and offers solutions tailored to specific needs.

Copywriting tools: Instant Market Research

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PickFu’s Instant Market Research allows to test various contents, be they texts, images or videos, proposing a poll, according to which it is possible to determine what are the main interests of potential customers.

The results obtained provide information on the percentages of users who responded, the reasons for which they made a certain choice, as well as demographic data.


Unlike other copywriting platforms, this tool offers fully customized payment plans based on how the poll will be structured, starting at €50.

Copywriting platforms: Jarvis


As AI-powered tool, Jarvis creates high-performance contents for websites, blogs, advertising, and more. It takes particular care of the brand’s tone of voice, also providing translation services in more than 11 languages.


Jarvis offers two different payment plans, with the option to cancel at no cost within 7 days. 

Let’s see the details below: 

  • Starter: for €29 per month, it offers the creation of limited length copies, such as headlines, descriptions and biographies;
  • Pro: it costs €109 per month and it is the most comprehensive and user-chosen plan, offering numerous services such as full support service. 

Copywriting tools: Melascrivi


Melascrivi is one of the copywriting platforms where the demand and supply of articles and contents for the web meet, connecting Publishers and Authors to create original and quality texts, on every topic. In addition, it offers translation services in 6 languages and anti-plagiarism control. 


Melascrivi offers two different payment plans, one for the Self-Service and the other for the Managed Service. For the latter there are no pre-established prices, but it is necessary to request advice or a quote. 

For the Self-Service, on the other hand, the rates change according to the selected language and the author’s writing level. As a matter of fact, we find:

  • Initial level, at €0,008 per word
  • Base level, at €0,010 per word
  • Intermediate level, at €0,012 per word
  • Advanced level, at €0.015 per word 
  • Basic editorial staff, at €0,012 per word, but pricing varies according to the project
  • Professional editorial staff, at €0.05 per word, but pricing varies according to the project 

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Copywriting platforms: Phrasee


Phrasee is a valid copywriting tool, based on Artificial Intelligence, useful to optimize blogs’, companies’ and brands’ contents to retain potential customers. 


Phrasee does not provide pre-established payment plans, but offers the possibility to book a demo, filling out a form with all the required data. 

Copywriting tools: Textbroker


Textbroker is one of the copywriting platforms that represent a meeting place between customers and authors. It offers content creation services covering a variety of topics, quickly and easily. In addition, it is also available the translation service.


Textbroker offers the possibility to choose from 3 types of orders.

Hereafter we will see the details:

  • OpenOrder: it includes various levels of service, starting at 1.5 cents per word;
  • DirectOrder: the customer agrees the guidelines directly with the author. The price starts at 2.7 cents per word;
  • TeamOrder: the project is managed by a group of authors, starting from the price of 2.7 cents per word.

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Copywriting platforms: Wezen


Wezen is a tool that offers copy creation services and translation services. Besides, thanks to Wezen, it is possible to improve one’s SEO strategies and define one’s online identity globally.


Wezen offers two services, content creation and translation, for which there is the opportunity to take advantage of 30 days of trial and then subscribe. 

Copywriting tools: Writesonic


Among the various copywriting platforms, with Writesonic it is possible to generate high-performance contents for blogs, Landing Pages, product descriptions and much more.


For the services offered by this platform it is possible to choose from 4 different subscriptions:

  • Trial: it is the free plan that offers up to 10 services, including Youtube-optimized titles, product description, grammar check and much more;
  • Starter: for €9.99 per month, it offers a maximum of 75 services, including content creation through Artificial Intelligence;
  • Professional: it is the most chosen plan, costing €35.60 monthly, it offers an unlimited number of services, with a limit of 150 monthly services only for advanced features;
  • Business: priced at €179.60 per month, it offers unlimited services, with a limit of 1200 services for advanced features.

Conclusions on the copywriting platforms

There are several copywriting platforms available online, useful for startups, companies, brands and blogs, to increase and improve their online visibility. This article, in fact, aims at suggesting the most valid and performing copywriting tools, highlighting the best features and presenting their payment plans.

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