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Copywriting for startups is one of the most useful activities for online positioning, brand awareness growth and engagement. This should therefore not be underestimated if we want to reach the first page of google and to be considered if a company does not have the internal resources to fulfill this task. 

Fortunately, there are online a series of tools to support companies that do not internally own figures specialized in copywriting activities, connecting customers and authors in an editorial market to create different copies from time to time according to specific needs.

In this article, in fact, we will see one of the best tools of copywriting for startups, Textbroker, analyzing its advantages, features and prices.

An overview of this copywriting tool

The first version of the Textbroker platform was born in 2005, with the main objective of writing texts for the web. It develops very quickly until officially entering the market in 2007, focusing on the drafting of SEO friendly texts, whether they are content for a blog or more detailed articles for specific topics.

Since then, Textbroker has proposed itself as one of the most valid content marketing and platform of copywriting for startups, attracting more and more authors, who can enjoy the opportunity to earn money by drafting texts, and customers, in search of current content able to position themselves online and increase the visibility of their website or brand.

Textbroker is a tool for creating high-performance content, always original, that can convince search engines and potential customers at the same time. 

For startups, companies, or blogs that target Textbroker, it is possible to choose from thousands of qualified native speakers in different fields, with a great knowledge of grammar and a good command of the language in general.

In addition, if you also need translation services, Textbroker offers the possibility to order professional translations in more than 30 languages, quickly and easily.

So, among the services offered by Textbroker there are:

  • Self-service
  • Managed service 
  • Translation service 

Let’s see them in detail below.


With Textbroker’s Self-Service it is possible to order different types of content quickly and easily, having the opportunity to choose the quality and cost of the text, and the author who will write it.

This service, as mentioned above, offers the opportunity to choose from thousands of competent authors, specialized in different languages, to obtain texts optimized for search engines. Each text is subject to quality controls so that original texts can always be guaranteed, thanks to a triple check against plagiarism. It can really be said that it turns out to be a great service of copywriting for startups.

To take advantage of the Self-Service service, it is necessary to:

  • Register for the service
  • Top up your account
  • Place the order, indicating what type of text and quality is preferred 
  • Prepare the briefing, providing all the details necessary for the drafting of the text 

Textbroker also offers three different types of orders to choose from:

  • OpenOrder
  • DirectOrder
  • TeamOrder

Let’s see them hereafter. 

OpenOrder: features and prices

The OpenOrder option allows to choose from thousands of editors, establishing the quality of the text and its cost, from the cheapest quality of the 2 stars to the professional quality of the 5 stars.

The OpenOrder is suitable for customers who need content quickly and cheaply. In fact, this option offers the best value for money from 1.5 cents per word, offering services such as free registration, without management costs, quick and easy invoincing.

For more information about the features and prices offered by the OpenOrder service, click this link.

DirectOrder: features and pricing

The DirectOrder option is suitable for those who prefer to entrust the drafting of their texts to trusted authors, personally chosen according to a certain sector and the skills of the author himself. In addition, with the DirectOrder it is possible to define with the selected author the price per word and the expiration date for the delivery of the texts.

Starting at 2.5 cents per word, this option offers high-checking services against plagiarism, ensuring unique content at 100%, optimized for search engines, different export and interface options directly on blog/CMS, and other services that can be consulted at this link.

TeamOrder: features and prices

With the TeamOrder option, it is possible to create a custom team of experts, building a group of authors who will manage the production of the required content. In this way, this option offers the opportunity to create and manage large projects, deciding the price per word and the conditions under which the group must work. 

Starting at 2.5 cents per word, it offers, in addition to a group of experienced authors, Premium Customer Support via email and phone, and other services that can be consulted at this link.


Managed-Service offers professional support with tailor-made solutions ready to be published. Relying on Textbroker’s long experience as a tool of copywriting for startups, you can entrust your projects to a team composed of professionals who will take care of the creation of content according to different needs. 

In addition, the Managed-service offers the opportunity to create customized packages according to the needs and requests of each customer.

Let’s see how managed-service works:

  • Request for a quote without obligation.
  • Free consultancy, to expose the needs and objectives of your project.
  • Individual quote, with a detailed description of the services requested within your project.
  • Preparation of the project. In this phase each project is assigned a Project Manager who will define all the details according to the requests made, choosing the best authors who will have to deal with the creation of the contents.
  • Drafting of texts by highly qualified authors. The Project Manager takes care of the management of the work and sets the deadlines for deliveries.
  • Quality control. The Textbroker editorial staff checks all texts written by the authors, checking their quality and relevance to the guidelines indicated in the briefing provided by the customer.
  • Delivery of the final text already processed and corrected, in the format chosen by the customer. 

Managed-service features and prices

There is no pre-established pricing plan for the Managed-service option because this service gives the possibility to create a custom quote based on the services you need. The final price of the project depends on the project itself and therefore on the number of texts required, their length, the difficulty of the topic, the HTML formatting of the texts and the presence or not of keywords. In this case, so, a package tailored to the customer’s needs is established. 

Compared to the Self-service option, the Managed-service offers more advanced features, such as complete project management including personal contact, texts written in 36 languages other than native speakers, and numerous other services that can be consulted at this link.

Translation Service

In addition to representing a valid platform of copywriting for startups, Texbroker also offers translation services, with the possibility to choose between different languages, thanks to the Translation Order option of self-service.

Alternatively, you can also entrust the entire project to Textbroker, using   the Translation Service of the Managed service, obtaining original content written directly in the language you prefer, with the possibility to choose from about 36 different languages.

Let’s see below the main differences, which can be consulted in more detail at this link.

TranslationOrder: features and prices

Using this option, you can quickly and easily get translations into more than 45 languages, starting at 6.5 cents per word. 

Moreover, translations are supported by an AI that controls and refines content translated by competent and certified authors. 

You can access to this service in a few simple steps:

  • Registering with translation order.
  • Insert the text that you want to translate.
  • Choose the target language. You can choose to translate text into multiple languages at the same time.
  • Receipt of the translation. It is a high-quality professional translation that has been developed by a certified translator with the help of state-of-the-art artificial intelligence.

Translation service: features and prices

With this option, you can entrust Textbroker with the entire project, with the ability to get original content in more than 36 different languages.

The realization of the entire project, starting from a budget of €500, is entrusted to highly competent native speakers who create content tailored to the customer’s requests and needs. 

Expert Center: what it is and what it is for

Given the importance of copywriting for startups and the continuous evolution of this activity, Textbroker offers an additional service to content creation and text translation. We are talking about the Expert Center, where it is possible to consult valid and interesting articles, useful for the processing of high-quality content for the web. Aimed at both authors and customers, Textbroker provides valuable information on a variety of topics such as content marketing, Google updates, e-commerce, SEO friendly content creation, through blog articles and videos.  

Conclusions on this copywriting tool

Copywriting for startups is one of the tools to focus on to develop a performing content marketing strategy and increase the online visibility of a brand, trying to position itself among the first results of the search engine.  If a company does not have people dedicated to this task, it will be necessary to outsource the creation of content by relying on good tools of copywriting for startups, available online.

In fact, this article aimed at presenting Textbroker, a valid copywriting platform, analyzing its various features and payment plans.

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