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Nowadays copywriting for startups is a fundamental activity. But how can we meet this need thus staying in a limited budget?

There are a series of online tools to support us creating contents quickly, with affordable prices. is one of the best tools available on the market to perform this task.

Considering the fact that startups sometimes don’t have internal resources dedicated to copywriting tasks, it is necessary to outsource the activity and find the best solution to meet this need.

The purpose of this article is to introduce one of the best tools on content marketing and copywriting for startups available online,, highlighting the services offered, illustrating the main features and providing information related to subscriptions and prices. 

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the activity of writing advertising texts with the aim of attracting and capturing the attention of the target audience in order to obtain a sale or generate a lead.

SEO copywriting is intended to specify that, today, it is not possible to ignore the knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) to create texts for the Network, but SEO knowledge is important for those who deal with brand storytelling and online content marketing.

The three concepts of copywritingstorytelling and content marketing, indeed, are closely related to each other, even though there are some differences between them.

Storytelling is not a purely commercial activity, but aims at creating engagement, positive and compelling feelings related to the brand.

Content marketing, on the other hand, is based more on information, creating knowledge, trust and loyalty over time, including contents such as articles for business blogs or eBooks on more general topics concerning the world of brand and related products/services.

Both in the case of storytelling and content marketing, the ultimate goal is always to push to action, to purchase, but texts intended for copywriting are closely linked to advertising. 

What is is one of the best tools on copywriting for startups born as a digital publisher in 2017, which has grown, subsequently developing and applying Artificial Intelligence, and aims at optimizing content marketing processes, saving time and resources.

It offers a series of tools to support online businesses to develop and improve their Content marketing strategies. 

In particular, it offers:

  • Data and trends analysis for e-commerce, startups, publishers and online companies.
  • Production of product sheets, blog articles, translations into numerous languages.
  • Distribution of content, to increase brand awareness and visibility of startups, online business and e-commerce., therefore, allows to increase and improve the performance of a website, offering integrated solutions thanks to tools that analyze future trends, user behavior, site performance, website location detection in search engines and much more. is a very useful tool for copywriting for startups because it offers a multiplicity of services at low price. 

How it works this copywriting tool

To access the services offered by the platform it is necessary to do the registration by entering your first namesurname and email address. Then it is possible to customize the profile by adding more information about the place and date of birth, the country of residence, and it is also possible to add a profile picture or avatar. offers several tools, each designed for every specific need, and turns out to be one of the best copywriting for startups tools available on the market today.

The main services to study trends, generate content or analyze performance, are:

  • Heatmaps
  • Content creation
  • Product sheets
  • Natural language generation

With regard to pricing, offers different services and for each of these there is a specific subscription. There is not a default plan that brings together all the different tools offered by the platform. If one is interested in creating a customized plan for using multiple tools, it is possible to contact team sales to build an ideal package. use as means of payment PayPal, one of the most reliable security protocol tools. Stripe is used for credit cards, with which it is possible to control and manage the status of payments directly on the platform.

Hereafter we will see the details of the services and payment plans for each of them.

Heatmaps service

Heatmaps are the visual representation of the behavior and path of users on a website, blog or web page.

The tool offered by records and collects users’ browsing sessions, detecting attention thresholds on each page visited. It is possible to analyze how users interact with each page, classifying the elements that affect their attention threshold, in order to improve the usability of their website, making it as usable as possible. In addition, the tool allows to observe the behavior of users in real time, through the monitoring performance website. In particular, it allows to analyze the number of user views, sessions and permanence on the pages, as well as the connected device and the search engine used.

Heatmaps pricing offers different payment plans with the possibility to subscribe monthly or annually. With the annual subscription, you also get 20% discount. 

Let’s see below the four pricing plans available for heat maps:

  • Free: it is a free plan that consequently offers reduced functionality compared to other plans, including the ability to monitor only one website, and use a maximum of 5 heat maps. 
  • Basic: the monthly price is €27, and it is possible to have 50 heat maps, which can only be used on a website.
  • Professional: the monthly cost is €77, this plan gives the possibility to monitor a maximum of five websites, providing 100 heat maps per site and having unlimited time for data recording.  Among the 4 pricing plans, it is the most used.
  • Entreprise: the monthly price is €237; it offers the monitoring of 10 websites with the use of unlimited heat maps.

Content creation service offers unique and original contents covering different thematic areas such as news, technology, fashion, health, gastronomy, travel, sports and much more. The user can request the content in the thematic area of interest depending on his specific needs. In a short time, it is possible to get the desired content.

To access this service, it is necessary to:

  • Register or sign in with your account
  • Click on Orders – Place new order
  • Fill out a form with content details (name, website, language)
  • Set guidelines, filling out required fields

As a result, the content will be in line with one’s needs and optimized for search engines.

The platform algorithm chooses the best publisher to create the content, following the guidelines provided by the customer. Moreover, the Artificial Intelligence system not only deals with selecting the most authoritative source, but also guarantees the highest level of quality of content through a Natural Language Processing system to verify its reliability. The customer has the possibility to choose the author who will have to produce its contents, thus establishing a direct and immediate relationship. Each Content Creator is entrusted with the production of content based on its passions and inclinations, with the aim of providing articles of excellent quality for every specific need of users. The assignment is based on the competence of the writer, who has previously carried out an internal evaluation test examined directly by the staff of

Another feature that makes a great content marketing platform for startups, is the use of SEO oriented contents. Customers are offered a service that can develop an effective digital strategy, increasing brand awareness and visibility of their business.

Content creation pricing

Again, there are four payment plans available, with the option to change or cancel as needed. Let’s see them below:

  • Basic: it is a plan suitable for those who need few pieces in a short time. Indeed, 4 items are guaranteed per month, at a cost of €56.40.
  • Standard: it is available for €282 per month and guarantees 24 articles.
  • Premium: it is the most used plan, available for €705 per month. It is suitable for professionals with targeted needs, to customize and increase the number of texts required.
  • Entreprise: is the most expensive plan and costs €3,525 per month and it is consequently the most complete, as it offers 350 items per month.

Product sheets service

An optimized product sheet can make a difference in search engine ranking and e-commerce conversions. offers the Product Sheets service for the production and description of items for all online sales sites. 

By activating this service, it is possible to create:

  • Product description, for all kind of e-commerce
  • Amazon cards, with Amazon-specific guidelines

This tool offers the opportunity to customize the product sheets according to the needs of each business, taking care of the user experience and facilitating the purchasing path. 

The Product Sheets of are based on three key elements:

  • Persuasive copywriting
  • Simple and effective user experience
  • SEO oriented content

In particular, it is remarkable the use of keywords that allow the user to easily find the desired product, with all the key features. 

Product Sheets pricing

Four different subscriptions are available for the Product Sheets:

  • Basic: for €35 per month, it offers 10 product sheets per month.
  • Standard: 60 product sheets are guaranteed each month, paying € 175.
  • Premium: costs €1,750 per month, offering 650 product sheets per month.
  • Entreprise: suitable for large projects, it offers 1,400 product sheets per month at a price of €3,500.

Natural Language Generation service is based on an Artificial Intelligence system that allows to create original contents suitable for every need, reducing lead time. As a matter of fact, the main goal of the platform is to simplify the writing process, using a data-driven approach that operates with machine learning techniques.

Thanks to the Natural Language Generation service of, it is possible to generate content automatically and instantaneously with a single click, without the need for human intervention. By enrolling in the Natural Language Generation service, one can access to multiple languages and content length selection, such as short, medium, or long paragraphs. In addition, it is possible to generate original contents from various texts.

This service generates a large number of original contents in a few seconds, including articles, cards, copies for social channels, following three simple principles:

  • From the initial idea, with only one input, it generates a unique content of the required dimension
  • It takes just one click and takes less than 60 seconds to produce the desired content
  • It guarantees always new, original content, with an active anti-plagiarism system

Natural Language Generation pricing

There are four plans available to access the Natural Language Generation service:

  • Basic: for €20 per month, one can access a maximum of 10 orders per month.
  • Standard: 58 orders available per month for €100 per month.
  • Premium: for €500 per month, it is possible place a number of orders of 278.
  • Enterprise: it costs €2,000 per month and allows to place 1,060 orders.

Conclusions on this copywriting tool is an excellent tool of copywriting for startups, and even for more.

If a startup does not have the internal resources necessary to create specific contents, it is possible to take advantage of this tool that is also suitable for those with limited budgets.

The platform provides various services for content production in order to increase the online visibility of startups and other online businesses.

The key aspect that characterizes and differentiates from other online copywriting platforms is the use of Artificial Intelligence to speed up and simplify the writing process, using a data-driven approach and machine learning techniques. 

We know that startups have small budgets and needs like large companies, such as having to develop a wide range of contents for the web and beyond, and with they have access to an excellent tool of Copywriting for startups.

Be curious! Do not limit yourself and do not stop at our proposal of tools! Check out our article Software Discovery platforms: the top 9 for us to find the one that best suits your needs.

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