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The best CMS tool is WordPress, the most famous and used “open source” tool for creating websites and blogs, and it is also the simplest tool for the functional management of your online business. It is a “content management system” which means that is a software tool, installed on a web server, whose task is to facilitate the management of website content, freeing the webmaster from specific technical knowledge of Web programming.

The advantages of WordPress, the best CMS tool for startup

The fact that WordPress is the best CMS tool is certainly not accidental! The success is due to the many advantages that this software offers:

  • Simplicity, speed, and reliability: WP offers very intuitive functionality through which, with a minimum of skills, we can build our website. The settings are very quick to set, making the information on our website easy to formulate.
  • Versatility: WP is a flexible software that can be adapted to any type of digital activity; therefore, it allows us to better implement any kind of project.
  • Search engine optimization: WP is a SEO friendly software, it was created with the aim of positioning websites with the best ranking, to guarantee incoming high level of traffic.
  • Update frequency: WP releases updates often, therefore it always manages to offer the best version by improving management aspects and solving some bugs or issues of the previous version.
  • Community of professionals: the software has a community of support professionals behind it, to whom you can turn and ask for any kind of clarification. This makes our website creation journey less scary.
  • Templates, themes, and plugins: WordPress offers a series of themes and graphic templates of different styles, which make your website or blog 100% customizable. There are many plugins that can be installed that also make all the features you prefer for your online business.

A limited budget is one of the main problems of startups, with WP this worry does not exist. The service itself is free and offers a huge variety of free themes and plugins, with which we can create functional and aesthetically beautiful websites and blogs. Obviously, we also find paid versions of the themes and plugins, we will decide whether to use a small budget or continue with the free ones, which still offer an excellent result.

Types of websites you can create with this CMS tool

As we have already said, WordPress is the best CMS tool, truly versatile software that can meet the needs of any online business. Thanks to this CMS, many types of different websites can be created:

  • Blog: WordPress is the world’s number one platform for creating successful blogs. Through the themes and templates, we choose the style and aesthetics, customizing as we like, and through widgets and plugins we can integrate SEO optimization, social sharing, article feeds and much more that will allow us to create traffic quickly.
  • Corporate websites: by choosing WP for our business, we make the creation of the corporate website a quite simple activity. The software, in fact, guarantees ease of use, low prices for creation and maintenance, and high performing results.
  • Magazine: the magazine is nothing more than the evolution of a blog, where multiple articles by multiple authors are published. WP also lends itself very well to this type of online activity.
  • Landing page: all startups, sooner or later, will have to go through the creation of a Landing Page. This problem can also be solved with WordPress, for which a specific software has been created: Optimize Press. It can be used in Plugin mode allowing you to create individual landing pages on existing websites.
  • E-Commerce: integrating Woocommerce (the most famous plugin for e-commerce) to WordPress, we will be able to obtain fantastic results, without complications even for this type of website.

These are just some of the online activities that we can develop and create thanks to WordPress, the best CMS tool, but this CMS is also suitable for booking websites, collaborative websites for colleagues, forums, online course websites, political websites, online business cards, geolocation websites, advertisements, and online auctions websites and much more.

Website creation and optimization with this CMS tool

To make our website perfect and optimized, there are some best practices to follow.


First you will need to register a domain, in this way your website will have an identification number that will allow the browser to reach it.

To carry out this first step, we will have to rely on dedicated websites or choose a Hosting that also includes domain registration, among the various services.

The annual prices for a domain, choosing websites like Aruba, on average vary from 2 to 20 euros according to the website we use and the extension we choose (.it, .com, .eu, etc.).


To give a translation to hosting, we can define it as the rent of the space we need to publish a website.

Also, for this practice, we will have to rely on dedicated websites. One of the most used and known is, for example, SiteGround, which is perfect for WordPress and offers the possibility to register the domain.

The prices of SiteGround vary from 5.99 to 13.99 euros per month, according to our needs and therefore to the plan we choose.

Elementor PRO

Elementor is the most used visual page builder. It allows you to build and customize our website in a workmanlike manner.

It works perfectly with WordPress and integrates with it simply via the plugin.

There is also a free version of Elementor, but it is advisable to download the PRO version, which includes many more features and the possibility of having Woocommerce at no additional cost. Prices range from $ 49 to $ 999 per year, depending on the needs we have and the package we choose. But for a startup that is building its first website, the $ 49 a year PRO version is great and complete.

Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Terms and Conditions

A fundamental aspect to check before publishing a website is compliance with the GDPR legislation.

The user must be able to accept cookies and be able to view the privacy policy, the cookie policy and the terms and conditions. To integrate these elements to our WordPress website, we must rely on Iubenda or similar; websites that provide services that meet these needs.

Iubenda, for example, offers the free version and the ability to customize packages according to the needs and budget available; for a single website you can get up to 99 euros.


To keep our website traffic under control, it is essential to connect Google Analytics to WordPress to have updated data always at hand.

The integration of Google Tag Manager is also essential, thanks to this tool we will be able to connect to our tracking tag such as the Facebook Pixel and LinkedIn Insight Tight to have an even better overview of the data.

Image optimization

When you upload images to a website, it is a good idea to optimize them to reduce their weight. This action is useful to improve the loading speed of the website and, consequently, the user experience. How to do it? By choosing the image optimizer tool that best suits your needs.

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PDF compression

As with images, before uploading a PDF file to your website, it is advisable to compress it to lighten its weight. This best practice will help you solve website loading speed issues and rank higher on search engines. A light and fast website is always rewarded. How to do it? There are many online PDF compressor tools that can help you with this operation.

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To make our website efficient and secure, there are some plugins that we must necessarily install:

  • WordFence: WordPress can be very vulnerable sometimes, so we need to protect our website from external attacks. WordFence is a highly effective plugin that guarantees maximum security even with the free version.
  • Yoast SEO: SEO optimization is essential for positioning. Thanks to this plugin you will be suggested the best practices to make your articles SEO proof.
  • reSmush: a functional website must be light, so all the images inside it must be optimized. With this plugin you will no longer have to do manual optimization steps, it will take care of everything independently.
  • Maintenance: this plugin allows you to put the website in “maintenance” mode, to make the construction and modification phases invisible to the public.
  • Redirection: this plugin helps you to keep track of 404 errors, manage 301 redirections and improve your website ranking.

Pricing of this CMS tool

WordPress is completely free.

Conclusions on this CMS tool

Finally, we can say that, thanks to WordPress, the best CMS tool, we will be able to build a professional website in a simple, safe, and low budget way. We will meet annual fixed costs of “maintenance”, but we will not have to contact a professional who could ask us, on average, from 1,000 to 5,000 euros for our website.

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the best cms tool