affiliate marketing
Affiliate and Referral

Affiliate marketing: a profitable strategy for startups

Table of Contents Affiliate marketing, also known as performance marketing, is a digital advertising technique that refers to online marketing. But what exactly is affiliate

influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing: success story of Buzzoole

Table of Contents Influencer marketing is growing year after year and this requires companies to understand how to properly integrate it into their communication strategies,

video making for startups

Video making for startups: why internalize the process

Table of Contents Video making for startups represents a useful and efficient resource in marketing strategies. Indeed, video marketing is a fast-growing trend in the

stock images database

Stock Images Database: why choosing them

Table of Contents Stock images database: introduction Stock Images Database is important for startups with a small budget. Although startups work with a limited budget

logo and brand identity

Logo and brand identity: their importance for startups

Table of Contents Why logo and brand identity are important for a startup Having an innovative idea, completing the validation phase for a startup project