email marketing

Email Marketing: a useful strategy for startups

Table of Contents Email Marketing is the most powerful form of direct marketing because through emails we can establish a relationship with potential and actual

open source cms

Open Source CMS and Custom Websites

Table of Contents Open Source CMS or Custom Website? What is the best choice for a startup founder? Creating a website can seem like an insidious,

corporate branding

Corporate Branding and Brand Awareness for startups

Table of Contents Corporate branding: what is it and why is it important for startups? How can you implement it and create effective corporate branding

personal branding

Personal Branding for startup founders

Table of Contents Nowadays, it is no longer the brand that communicates, but it is the entrepreneurs who play the role of testimonial of their


Validation of the problem: the client-problem pair

Table of Contents The validation of the problem is a fundamental phase of the process that the aspiring startup founder carries out starting from an

the mom test

The Mom Test book: how to interview your target

Table of Contents The Mom Test is a book written by Rob Fitzpatrick – an entrepreneur for over 10 years – whose purpose is to communicate

the italian payment app

The Italian payment app revolutionizes payments: Satispay

Table of Contents The Italian payment app Satispay, in addition to having revolutionized the world of payments, has closed millionaire funding rounds and has expanded

content marketing

Content Marketing, Storytelling and Copywriting

Table of Contents Content marketing, Storytelling and Copywriting are not the same thing and should not be confused at all! In this article we will

Video marketing

Video marketing for startups: why and how to do it?

Table of Contents In recent years there has been an increasing use of video marketing for startups or within the strategy of brands. Video marketing

business angels networks

Business Angel Networks: the majors in Italy

Table of Contents Business Angel Networks are associations of angels who join forces in order select and then invest in startups in a professional, effective,

team and startup

Team and startup success: how to build it

Table of Contents Team and startup success are intrinsically linked; indeed, the team represents one of the most critical elements for the startup success. According to

storytelling books

Storytelling books: the top 20 in our opinion

Table of Contents Storytelling books are a very useful resource both for beginners who want to try their hand in this field and for the

corporate storytelling

Corporate Storytelling, key driver for brands

Table of Contents Corporate storytelling, which is a fundamental element of the content marketing strategy nowadays, is the focus of this article. Below, we will

the importance of copywriting

Copywriting as key resource for brands

Table of Contents Nowadays, as digital marketing activities grow, the importance of copywriting to gain online visibility is increasing, whether we are referring to SEO optimized business