marketing plan

Marketing Plan for beginners: how to start

Table of Contents What is a Marketing Plan? We already introduced the concept in the article of the Business Plan, when, speaking of the recommended

UX and UI

UX and UI design for beginners: how to get started

Table of Contents UX and UI are fundamental strategic resources to increase sales, achieve goals and increase trust in your business! How is it possible?

startup accelerator

Startup accelerator: a focus on NAStartUp

Table of Contents NAStartUp is a Startup accelerator working nationally and internationally. The project is non-profit, civic and starts from the bottom. It was born

mobile marketing

Local Marketing: Digital Marketing tips for beginners

Table of Contents Local Marketing, also called “Neighbourhood Marketing” or “Local Store Marketing”, is the perfect strategy for those businesses that have a physical store


eCommerce: digital marketing tips for beginners

Table of Contents The health emergency of the last year and the travel restrictions imposed on the population have certainly favoured the greater use of

mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing: Digital Marketing tips for beginners

Table of Contents Mobile Marketing is a strategy to reach a target audience on their mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. In fact, mobile

international marketing

International Marketing: tips for beginners

Table of Contents International Marketing or Global Marketing is the application of digital marketing strategies in more than one nation. Every company, in fact, might

social media marketing

Social Media Marketing: some tips for beginners

Table of Contents Social Media Marketing is an effective strategy for companies of all sizes that want to promote their product or service and reach


SEO and SEM: introduction and tips for beginners

Table of Contents SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of those topics that you can’t ignore if you are approaching the world of Digital Marketing

digital marketing

Digital Marketing strategy: overview for beginners

Table of Contents Digital Marketing is a mix of single elements and strategies that take into consideration every aspect of online marketing, such as SEO,

startup failure

Startup failure: main reasons and how to avoid it

Table of Contents Startup failure: overview In this article we analyse Startup failure to understand the most common reasons and to suggest how to avoid