affiliate marketing
Affiliate & Influencer Marketing

Affiliate Marketing: top 10 platforms for startups

Table of Contents Affiliate marketing is a strategy suitable for startups as it let you to expand the business at low cost and zero risk.

affiliate marketing
Affiliate and Referral

Affiliate marketing: a profitable strategy for startups

Table of Contents Affiliate marketing, also known as performance marketing, is a digital advertising technique that refers to online marketing. But what exactly is affiliate

Content Marketing Community

Content as focus of a young entrepreneur’s career

An introduction of a leading community of content marketing recently born Rinascita Digitale is an Italian community focus on content marketing. Let’s meet Michele Saladino

influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing: success story of Buzzoole

Table of Contents Influencer marketing is growing year after year and this requires companies to understand how to properly integrate it into their communication strategies,

video making for startups

Video making for startups: why internalize the process

Table of Contents Video making for startups represents a useful and efficient resource in marketing strategies. Indeed, video marketing is a fast-growing trend in the

video creation
Tools for startup

Video Creation: 40 tools for startups

Table of contents Video creation tools: introduction Video creation and video making are essential to enhance brand awareness for businesses and startup. Thanks to videos,

Content Marketing Community

Content marketing community leading digital renaissance

An introduction of a leading community of content marketing in Italy Rinascita Digitale is a recently born community focus on content marketing. Let’s meet Stefano

stock images databases list
Logo, Design and Images

Stock Images Database: about 100 websites for you

Table of Contents Choosing the right images for your business is very important and we must always be careful not to run into copyright risks,

stock images database

Stock Images Database: why choosing them

Table of Contents Stock images database: introduction Stock Images Database is important for startups with a small budget. Although startups work with a limited budget


Lawyer supports startup founders during their journey

Focus on lawyer support to startups Interview with a business lawyer: how to help startups from the first stage to fundraising Let’s meet Chiara D’Antò,

the best cms tool
Tools for startup

CMS tool for startups: WordPress

Table of Contents The best CMS tool is WordPress, the most famous and used “open source” tool for creating websites and blogs, and it is


Controlling and digital marketing for startups

An introduction to management controlling digital marketing with an expert Planning and controlling is a fundamental topic for startups. Let’s meet Luca Vanzulli on controlling