the mom test

The Mom Test book: how to interview your target

Table of Contents The Mom Test is a book written by Rob Fitzpatrick – an entrepreneur for over 10 years – whose purpose is to communicate

email marketing
Email Marketing

Email Marketing: review of Mailchimp tool

Table of Contents Email marketing is one of the most known web marketing resources to convert leads into customers, thus increasing customer loyalty, and to

email marketing tools
Email Marketing

Email Marketing Tools: the best 20 platforms

Table of Contents Email marketing tools are indispensable for startups and companies to automate email communication and to attract and retain customers through newsletters and

privacy policy generators
Privacy & Cookies Policy

Privacy Policy generators: review of Iubenda tool

Table of Contents Online Privacy Policy generators are nowadays extremely useful tools since privacy policy is one of the fundamental legal requirements that a website

privacy policy generators
Privacy & Cookies Policy

Privacy Policy generators: the best 10 tools for your business

Table of Contents Do you know why Privacy Policy generators are fundamental tools for your business? Digital services, nowadays, are increasingly requested and used, consequently

the italian payment app

The Italian payment app revolutionizes payments: Satispay

Table of Contents The Italian payment app Satispay, in addition to having revolutionized the world of payments, has closed millionaire funding rounds and has expanded

business lawyer

Business lawyer helps companies and startups with his team

Focus on Business Lawyer’s support to startups Interview with Marco Corica, international business lawyer: how to help startups from the start and up to financing rounds. Let’s

CMS tools
Tools for startup

CMS tools: the best 10 solutions for startups

Table of Contents CMS tools, or Content Management System, are software, installed on a web server, and you can create and modify web content that

content marketing

Content Marketing, Storytelling and Copywriting

Table of Contents Content marketing, Storytelling and Copywriting are not the same thing and should not be confused at all! In this article we will

Video marketing

Video marketing for startups: why and how to do it?

Table of Contents In recent years there has been an increasing use of video marketing for startups or within the strategy of brands. Video marketing