startup failure

Startup failure: main reasons and how to avoid it

Table of Contents Startup failure: overview In this article we analyse Startup failure to understand the most common reasons and to suggest how to avoid

email marketing

Email Marketing: a useful strategy for startups

Table of Contents Email Marketing is the most powerful form of direct marketing because through emails we can establish a relationship with potential and actual

open source cms

Open Source CMS and Custom Websites

Table of Contents Open Source CMS or Custom Website? What is the best choice for a startup founder? Creating a website can seem like an insidious,

corporate branding

Corporate Branding and Brand Awareness for startups

Table of Contents Corporate branding: what is it and why is it important for startups? How can you implement it and create effective corporate branding

personal branding

Personal Branding for startup founders

Table of Contents Nowadays, it is no longer the brand that communicates, but it is the entrepreneurs who play the role of testimonial of their

Resume Builder & Optimizer

ATS to optimize your CV: review of Vmock tool

Table of Contents What is an Applicant Tracking System? This is the question that many recruiters or candidates (less used to technology) ignore. To give you


Validation of the problem: the client-problem pair

Table of Contents The validation of the problem is a fundamental phase of the process that the aspiring startup founder carries out starting from an

business angel
Business Angel

Business Angel and Temporary CFO on startups evaluation

Startup evaluation with a Business Angel and Management Consultant We ask Fabio Scognamiglio, Business Angel and Management consultant how to evaluate a startup and maximize its

business angel
Business Angel

Business Angel and startup evaluation: what do you watch?

The parameters analysed by the Business Angel to evaluate a startup An interview with Fabio Pozzi to understand, from his experience, what are the main characteristics that


Marketer talking on internationalization for startups

A focus on internationalization and digitization for startups with a Marketer, Business and Finance expert   The experience of a Business and Finance expert and Marketer to give some

fractional manager

Fractional Manager supports startups. We ask to an expert

An introduction on the Fractional Manager for startups Introduction to the Fractional Manager with an expert to understand the benefits for startups. Let’s meet Marcello Marzano of Studio Emme


Entrepreneurs and women at the center of Boss.Wmn

An introduction to female entrepreneurs with a female startup founder With the motto  “A Successful Entrepreneur Community to Inspire the Female Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow!” Teresa Spina’s Boss.Wmn