mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing: Digital Marketing tips for beginners

Table of Contents Mobile Marketing is a strategy to reach a target audience on their mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. In fact, mobile

international marketing

International Marketing: tips for beginners

Table of Contents International Marketing or Global Marketing is the application of digital marketing strategies in more than one nation. Every company, in fact, might

social media marketing

Social Media Marketing: some tips for beginners

Table of Contents Social Media Marketing is an effective strategy for companies of all sizes that want to promote their product or service and reach


SEO and SEM: introduction and tips for beginners

Table of Contents SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of those topics that you can’t ignore if you are approaching the world of Digital Marketing

digital marketing

Digital Marketing strategy: overview for beginners

Table of Contents Digital Marketing is a mix of single elements and strategies that take into consideration every aspect of online marketing, such as SEO,

user behaviour analytics
Tools for startup

User Behaviour Analytics: a focus on Microsoft Clarity

Table of Contents User behaviour analytics tools are particularly relevant to collect quantitative and qualitative data about the visitors of your website, thus, to understand

website optimization
Tools for startup

Website optimization: review of Google Search Console

Table of Contents Website optimization tools are very useful for businesses of all types, as they increase traffic by optimizing content and technical SEO of

optimize your resume
Resume Builder & Optimizer

Optimize your Resume: Vmock for candidates

Table of Contents Optimize your Resume with tools based on ATS (Applicant Tracking System)! Do you know that you can rock your resume using some

resume builders
Resume Builder & Optimizer

Resume Builders: over 30 tools and the best 10 for us

Table of Contents Resume builders: introduction Resume builders are essential tools to boost your career! In fact, they let you to create your professional resume

startup project management software
Project Management & BPR

Project Management Software: review of Trello

Table of Contents Project Management Software are useful tools to automate task assignment, allocate resources and track milestones for all phases of a project, thus

project management software
Project Management & BPR

Project Management Software for startups

Table of Contents Project Management Software are very useful tools for startups and companies of all sizes.  There are some relevant Project Management Software trends

instagram analytics startup
Tools for startup

Instagram Analytics tools: a focus on Not Just Analytics

Table of Contents Instagram Analytics tools are fundamental for business accounts that need to monitor Instagram insights to set up a better social media strategy

business intelligence
Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence tools: a focus on Google Data Studio

Table of Contents Business Intelligence tools allow companies to access, analyse and share information to improve the decision-making process by gathering performance metrics. Therefore, they

business intelligence software
Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Software for small businesses

Table of Contents Business Intelligence Software are a must-have for small businesses today. There are relevant trends on Business Intelligence Software such as: Using machine

event management software
Online Calendars, Webinars & Events

Event Management Software for startups

Table of Contents Event management software are useful and convenient tools for those startups and companies that want to organize events and don’t want to

business community
Team Collaboration

Business communication platforms: review of Slack tool

Table of Contents Business communication platforms, collaboration software, social networking software, team management software, community software or similar tools are all essential today for startups

startup community software startup
Team Collaboration

Community Software: a list of about 20 tools

Table of Contents Community Software are trendy tools today. In this article, we want to give you an overview of the best tools available on