Mockup and MVP

No-code platform: create your MVP with Adalo

Table of Contents A no-code platform refers to a particular software development approach that allows anyone to create applications without knowing any programming language. Therefore,

SEO tool

SEO tool: why is Semrush the best choice?

Table of Contents Semrush is the most complete SEO tool and the real leader of this sector. If you want to work on the SEO

seo plugin

SEO plugin for WordPress: review of Squirrly SEO

Table of Contents A SEO plugin is an extension module that adds more features to websites and blogs and makes them more complete with tasks

SEO tool

SEO tool for beginners: review of SEO PowerSuite

Table of Contents A SEO tool is fundamental for every startup or company that wants to track the metrics of its website and be sure

seo tool

SEO tool for starters: review of AgencyAnalytics

Table of Contents A SEO tool is a platform that can measure the performance of your website on search engines. You can find many of

marketing plan

Marketing Plan for beginners: how to start

Table of Contents What is a Marketing Plan? We already introduced the concept in the article of the Business Plan, when, speaking of the recommended

business model
Business Design

Business Model Canvas to be scalable and profitable

Table of Contents Business Model Canvas: what is it? In the article of the Business Plan Part One, we have already briefly introduced the concept

no-code platforms
Mockup and MVP

No-Code Platforms to build your MVP successfully

Table of Contents No-code platforms are programs that allow you to work on building web apps, mobile apps, websites, and MVPs without having specific programming

mockup tools
Mockup and MVP

Mockup tools: frame your projects easily and quickly

Table of Contents Mockup tools are valid methods to transform your ideas into reality during the first phase of designing projects. In fact, even before

text-to-speech software
Audio & Podcast

Text-To-Speech software: a focus on Descript

Table of Contents Text-To-Speech software are tools with technologies that have revolutionized and simplified the podcast creation process. Thanks to them, producing quality audios has

UX and UI

UX and UI design for beginners: how to get started

Table of Contents UX and UI are fundamental strategic resources to increase sales, achieve goals and increase trust in your business! How is it possible?