business model
Business Design

Business Model Canvas to be scalable and profitable

Table of Contents Business Model Canvas: what is it? In the article of the Business Plan Part One, we have already briefly introduced the concept


Accelerator for startups: from Naples to Europe

Accelerator of the ecosystem of startups with a Pan-European Network NAStartUp is a startup ecosystem accelerator born in Italy in 2014 that quickly expanded throughout

project management software
Project Management & BPR

Project Management Software for startups

Table of Contents Project Management Software are very useful tools for startups and companies of all sizes.  There are some relevant Project Management Software trends

business intelligence software
Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Software for small businesses

Table of Contents Business Intelligence Software are a must-have for small businesses today. There are relevant trends on Business Intelligence Software such as: Using machine

Business Process Management Software
Project Management & BPR

Business Process Management Software for small businesses

Table of Contents Business Process Management Software: what it is, and which are its benefits Business Process Management Software enables companies to model, deploy, optimize,


Agile organization: how to make a startup grow well

The implementation of the agile organizational model in startups How can you transform a startup into an agile organization? Let’s talk about it with an

green pass

Green Pass and its impact on startups and CEOs

Focus on Green Pass and on the legal preventive protection approach to support startups with a legal advisor Interview with a Lawyer on how to

software discovery
Software Discovery

Software Discovery platforms: the top 9 for us

Table of Contents What are Software Discovery platforms and why are they useful for startups? Software Discovery platforms are usually used by startups or companies

gender gap

Gender Gap and Innovation: ITWIIN reduces it!

A focus on the world of innovation, startups and gender gap Gender gap is a global problem and an Italian one, but associations such as

startup failure

Startup failure: main reasons and how to avoid it

Table of Contents Startup failure: overview In this article we analyse Startup failure to understand the most common reasons and to suggest how to avoid