Accelerator for startups: from Naples to Europe


Accelerator of the ecosystem of startups with a Pan-European Network

NAStartUp is a startup ecosystem accelerator born in Italy in 2014 that quickly expanded throughout Europe.

Let’s meet Brigida Ardolino from NAStartUp!

Brigida Ardolino is a business consultant who is from more than a year in the NAStartUp team. She supports the Civic and No Profit project of NAStartUp, an accelerator of the startup ecosystem born in Naples, that operates throughout Europe. NAStartup adopts international strategies and actions with a network that extends throughout Europe, while keeping strong roots in the south of Italy. 

Hello Brigida, can you tell us about your story and what prompted you to be part of NAStartUp?

I have a degree in Economics, and I work as a chartered accountant. I mainly operate as business consultant with a focus on management control and corporate finance. I have always been passionate about innovation, and I take every opportunity to develop and expand businesses. To be innovators, especially in my field, you have to breath and experience innovation. The interest in being able to contribute to the growth and improvement of the ecosystem of companies in the south of Italy made me meet, adopt, and accelerate with NAStartUp.

NAStartUp is an unusual accelerator, but what distinguishes it from other models?

NAStartUp is precisely an accelerator of startups and innovation, and we have the ambition to be able to contribute to the “acceleration” of the entire ecosystem with various operators, from startups to investors, passing through companies and professionals. 

The NAStartUp team itself expresses its “Think Different” with a team led by “Women Power” that involves innovators, sponsors, and partners, who try to contribute to the creation of a virtuous ecosystem based on actions, facts, and alliances. Everyone can participate and contribute if they want. 

How did you manage to bring the NAStartUp accelerator from Naples to Europe in such a short time?

Like many things that happen in NAStartUp, internationalization started right from the base, from the community. It must be admitted that startups are able to look always further! Immediately, requests came also from those startups from abroad that wanted to participate in our events, where our legendary “Startup Gym” and its “Tech Cocktails” take place in always different and particularly beautiful and evocative places.

The NAStartUp accelerator won the award as the best European Challenge Program for startups from UBI Global and has appeared in important Italian and foreign newspapers. Can you tell us more about these awards and explain the success of your project to what is due?

One of the accelerations carried out by NAStartUp is that of information. Opening and making known those who innovate, who develop startups and new businesses is one of our key principles and, so, we pay particular attention to the involvement of all media. We must never take anything for granted and we must make known what this wonderful world of startups a fundamental nucleus is to be able to carry on the development and acceleration of our entire society and of the various countries.

What is the mission of the NAStartUp accelerator? Has it evolved over time or were your goals today already clear at the beginning? And what are your goals for the future? How do you see NAStartUp in the next years?

NAStartUp was created to remain the same, not to transform. It is a utopian project that wants to help generate investments and value for all players, from Advisors to Sponsors and up to Partners. NAStartUp always wants to be there if the conditions and motivations exist. This is because the startup ecosystem needs an independent and transversal tool for this objective. We collaborate with all institutions of all types and levels, from universities to schools, from the European Commission to the small provincial town. We invest in those who are smart and accelerate without making others lose opportunities to make the future happen now.

A project becomes successful also thanks to people and, therefore, we would like to ask you what are the strengths of your team that have led you to grow so much?

We cannot disclose this but searching between chaos and entropy is the right way!

The NAStartUp accelerator organizes free monthly events. Until January 2020, they were held in attendance and then with the pandemic you transformed them into online events. Can you tell us more about these NAStartUp Play events?

… mmm… I would say no, it would be much better if you find them out! Experience them and review them on our website here!

Why are the events of this accelerator such a success among startup founders?

NAStartUp events are based on interaction and are designed to encourage the contamination of ideas, experiences, expertise, and know-how. The participants in the events get to know each other, update each other on the related projects and exchange ideas. This is one of the strengths of NAStartUp that makes the community of startup founders and innovators grow from time to time.

Can you tell us more about the entire NAStartUp network, about the accelerator, and how it manages to create value for startups but also for other stakeholders?

In one sentence, we put together those who are going in the same direction: that of the future and of the merit of development!

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