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Engineer your fundraising with our platform

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Find out more here about us, about our mission, vision and values!

Mission, Vision and company values ​​are the engine of every company: they explain who you are and what you do, they show you the way to go to achieve your goals and they identify you as a company, with your principles. The Mission is a statement of your goals that defines why you are on the market and how you stand against the competition. Vision places the emphasis on future scenarios, has an eye on what will be, indeed on what you want the development of your company to be. Values ​​are at the heart of the choices you make and define a sort of morality of your company.
Thanks to corporate values, you have a course to follow. Find out below our mission vision and values ​​and if you want to know more about us go to Our Team.

Learn more about our mission, vision and values

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve worldwide startup ecosystem to drive founders’ success and accelerate the fundraising process

Our Vision

To improve startup world

Our Values

We believe in Education, Networking, Value Creation and Growth.


We will contribute to the growth of the whole startup ecosystem by sharing critical and meaningful information and providing expert training.


We will bolster cooperation and partnerships among entrepreneurs to win the challenges of the market not alone.

Value Creation

We would like to add essential value to startups, their entrepreneurs and their organization.


We will support the growth of startups as it is the critical success factor.

Find out more about us and our fundraising project

To be able to fundraise there are many steps to take so stay tuned, we will publish lots of useful content to make this journey and make a successful deal! Keep reading our blog!


We embrace startups and the fundraising world

We will guide startup founders by sharing information and know how, and expand their financial, managerial and entrepreneurial skills. To overcome the “Death Valley”; of the innovative ideas that fail to reach the market, startups need economic support and training to devise strategies and define a structured scaleup path.

Learn more about our resources for startup founders and find your starter kit at this link.

about us

We provide you the tools to grow your startup

We will uncover a series of tools that help in the daily work for creating and managing a startup. To launch and manage a startup you need to be dynamic, go the extra mile and ready to adapt to change. You need to work out the right business idea, but even the brightest founders need resources and tools to be successful and get their startup off the ground.

Find out 600+ tools for startup!


We focus on digital startups and marketing

We will talk about successful cases, the steps for starting a digital startup, the tools for drawing up a business plan, developing
an economic and financial evaluation of the business idea, defining the business model and communicating the idea to obtain funding. Today digital startups are certainly one of the major market trends and digital marketing is as much important.

Find out our resources on digital marketing for startups at this link.


We interview industry experts to share their insights and know-how

We will share marketing insights, social media updates, legal and finance issues and a selection of in-depth topics that will be discussed by experts to deal in an authoritative way with the main themes of the startup world. The team of the founders of a startup must handle a variety of situations in which, at times, a series of very vertical sector skills are needed. Read more about our interviews with startup masters at this link.