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Speed up your fundraising

The Problem

The fundraising process is too long for both Investors and Startups

For Investors

Multiple Search Channels / Manual Startup Screening / Documentation not Adequate / Reporting not Updated

For Startups

The first reason Startups fail is Run out of cash. Based on a CB Insight Research, 38% of Startup analysed on a sample of 101 post-mortem failed due to lack of cash.

The Solution

Scaleapse is an international web platform to speed up the fundraising process, finding the best match between investors and startups.

How it works

Startup Screening

There is an automated selection by a system of algorithms to ensure that only the best startups have access to the platform and fundraising from our investors.


The algorithms ensure the best match based on the investment objectives set by the investors and the characteristics of the individual startups on the platform.

Reporting Tool

The platform generates updated ad-hoc reports on startups for regular monitoring by its investors.

Data Analysis

Investors have the opportunity to perform analysis and statistics on the data of the startups on the platform.

The next generation platform for fundraising

Do you want to know more about our project? Who we are? Why do we do it? What do we want to improve in the ecosystem of international startups? On training and sharing of content and tools for everyone? On accelerating the fundraising process? Then watch our videos, find out more on our website and stay tuned!

The name Scaleapse is the crasis between Scaleup and Synapses. Every startup wants to become a scaleup and then a company. At the same time, every startup is part of a complex ecosystem like the synapse is part of the brain. Scaleapse is a marketplace to accelerate the fundraising process between startups and investors. Its goal is to help improve the entire ecosystem.

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If you want to know more About us and Our Team watch this video!

Scaleapse is the new matching platform between startups and investors.

Fundraising: Yes or No?

Find out with us if it's the right time to raise capital! Visit our website, discover our contents and understand what the best way is to grow your project!

Why do fundraising?

If you are a startup founder and need to grow fast to scale your business, this could be a great reason! Beware that fundraising is not the magic pill for everyone! Consider all options carefully before deciding to raise capital! 

How do we support you?

We provide a blog on our website where we interview startup masters and a number of useful startup resources, such as Startup SchoolDigital Marketing for Startups and 600+ Tools for startup, to help you understand if and when to raise capital. If you want to know more about our project take a look at About Us. So keep following us if you want to know more!

Fundraising is not an end point!

Surely if you don’t build your project well and grow it in bootstrap it will be difficult to raise capital and remember that your goal is not fundraising itself, but the success of your startup, so always study and work hard!

Our fundraising services are coming soon!

We are working to create the best service for you! Whether you are an investor or a startup founder you will have access to a marketplace to simplify and speed up the fundraising process!

Our platform will be online soon! Stay tuned!

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